Marketing Chapter Outline

Topics: Generation Y, Marketing, Generation X Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Chapter 4 Outline
Anything that affects marketers, affects consumers
Marketing Environment-
1. The immediate environment
a. Company’s capabilities- the firm itself
b. Competitors and competitive intelligence-
i. Competitive intelligence- proactive rather than reactive; to collect and synthesize information about their position with respect to their rivals c. Corporate partners- the people/other businesses the firm deals with 2. Macro-environment (CDSTEP)

d. Culture
ii. Country culture-entails easy-to-spot visible nuances that are particular to a country, such as dress, symbols, ceremonies, language, colors, and food preferences iii. Regional culture- the influence of the area within a country in which people live e. Demographics

iv. Generational cohorts- a group of people of the same generation 1. Tweens- firms need to engage them quickly with sincerity 2. Generation Y- more than 3 times the size of generation x, biggest cohort; puts strong emphasis on balancing work and life 3. Generation X- first people to grow up where both parents worked, get married later and buy houses later in life, astute consumers, demand convenience and tend to be less likely to believe advertising claims or what salespeople say 4. Baby Boomers-individualistic; like a lot of leisure time, believe they will always be able to take care of themselves, obsession with maintaining youth, they will always love rock and roll 5. Seniors- more likely to complain, need special attention, and take their time browsing. They are necessary to impress because they have time to shop and money to spend v. Income- purchasing power depending on income, tracked by census bureau vi. Education- the higher level of the education the higher income job vii. Gender- becoming very neutral

6. Metrosexuals- males having female habits...
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