Blending of Generations in the Workplace

Topics: Human resources, Generation Y, Demographics Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Blending of Generations in the Workplace

Human Resources is a unit of a company that must have consistent rules and programs for all employees but this can be a challenge. The challenge is in-large part due to the fact that employees have different needs. For a company to be successful in the arena of Human Resources it must recognize these differences and adjust without discrimination. This paper will examine the concept that different generations will have different needs and concerns in the workplace and that the ability of a company to address/ blend these needs is critical.

Competencies and capabilities no longer correlate to age or experience, so respect for others' ideas and input is more critical than ever. Understanding and appreciating one another's perspective has always been the key to good teamwork. But in today's multi-generational workplace, an organization's success could depend on it. To understand fully what generations are currently in play in the workforce let us start by defining the generations.

Baby Boomers are defined as the group of people born from approximately 1946 – 1963. They welcome team-based work, especially as an anti-authoritarian declaration to "The Silents" ahead of them, but they can become very political when their turf is threatened. They long to stabilize their careers.

Generation X is a defined as the group of people born after the demographic baby boom, from roughly 1964 to 1979. They grew up very quickly amid rising divorce rates, latchkeys, violence and low expectations. They entered the job market in the wake of the Boomers, only to be confronted with new terms like "downsizing" and "RIFs" as the economy plunged into recession. It's hardly surprising, then, that they tend to be skeptical toward authority and cautious in their commitments. Their self-reliance has led them, in unprecedented numbers, to embrace "free agency" over company loyalty. Ambitious and independent, they're now striving to...
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