South African Investment

Topics: South Africa, Government of South Africa, Texaco Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: September 25, 2011
A South African Investment
Shanquetta Dupree
PHI 445
Instructor: Whitfield
May 17, 2011

In your judgment, were the possible utilitarian benefits of building the Caltex plant in 1977 more important than the possible violations of moral rights and of justice that may be involved? Justify your answer fully by identifying the possible benefits and the possible violations of rights and justice that you may be associated with the building of the plant and explaining which you think are more important. In my judgment I feel that both possible utilitarian benefits of building the Caltex plant in 1977 and the violations of moral rights and of justice involved. The building of the Caltex plant provided economic support for South Africa. Caltex plant operations played a huge impact on South Africa economy and other social benefits. The economy of South Africa was driven by Caltex operations in tax revenues, government, politicians and police salaries. The utilitarian benefit that the Caltex plant gave was economic power and income to South Africa government and globalization. Although the government benefited from the Caltex building plant in South Africa, African Americans did not. “Generally speaking, therefore, standards concerned with moral rights have greater weight than either utilitarian standards or standards of justice” (Velasquez, 2006). Caltex had a code that was a violation of rights and justice to African Americans working conditions. The South African law required detached services and laws that prohibited blacks from becoming apprentices. I think that moral rights and of justice is more important and should be considered in any situation or conflict. “ Social and economic inequalities are arranged so that they are both to the greatest benefit of the least advantaged persons, and attached to offices and positions open to all under conditions of fair equality of opportunity” ( Velasquez, 2006). Yes, the Caltex plant had utilitarian benefits that China...
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