Sony Ericsson Swot Analysis

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Sony Ericsson SWOT Analysis

Diversity among products.
Sony as a brand name.

Lack in understanding Customer Preferences
Less technology advancement
Lack of user centered designs.
Lack of Brand awareness globally

Mobile phones market in developing
High % of young market
Strong Customer demand for innovative product
High Disposable income in emerging markets.
Network capabilities and low tariff of service providers.

Landline penetration and introduction of Sky phones for rural areas. Intense competition.
Bargaining power of consumers.

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy
Key marketing strategies which are identified:-
The products should be stylish and in with the current trend and technology. One of the noted trends is the ‘only touch screen' mobile handsets, with the advent of iphone from Apple and a phone from the LG- Prada tie-up. If the emerging markets and trend are focused, then style would play a major role as the Nepalese consumers are mostly young adults with an increasing amount of disposable income and they look for brands which are fashionable, especially.

Sony Ericsson should be differentiated according to pricing. With heavy competition cutting down on the profits, Future Tech (Sony Ericsson) should look into new markets using the penetration pricing technique and create a new market segment, like what Nokia did in India with their Nokia 1130 mobile which was a dust proof phone with a torch.

Product differentiation could be done on the basis of the respective bundling; if it focuses on music player then it should be placed in a separate category from the handset which has camera as its specialty. The emphasis should be given to direct marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).)

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy

A key part of brand development is making your brand more instantly accessible in memory and that's what product placement does. So, placement should be utilized in the digital media to make a mark on the customers psyche. Also, strategic placement of advertisements in youth oriented program to target teenagers.

The product needs to be placed strategically in such a way that customers treat it as a status symbol and a fashion statement. This could be done by direct marketing in mega malls and boutique shops, to improve the brand image. Future tech should endorse local film stars and athletes for their products and not go for international stars, which the local people wouldn't be able to relate to. Physical settings of the showroom should be trendy and modern to give the general impression of the brand. It should not just confirm to the assumptions of the consumer but also delight them. The mobile phones should also be placed strategically such that the best phones should be in the front and the cheapest at the back.

The employees dealing with the customers should be given special training as to how to be presentable, pleasing, and well-mannered and how to handle the customers efficiently. The training would set a certain standard across all outlets and increase the consumer satisfaction

The Marketing Mix and Product Strategy

Warranty and Insurance

Sony Ericsson units come with a standard 1-year warranty for parts and functionality and 6 months for battery. The warranty excludes cosmetic damage whereas replacement casing may be purchased and then applied free of charge in Sony Repair Centers. For the holders of Sony Ericsson Privilege card, there is an option for upgraded warranty by payment of a nominal charge.

Insurance is a new terminology in Mobile market, but it is very effective tool globally. Future Tech should tie up with some insurance company for insurance of mobile phone. ( it is a value added strategy or marketing gimmick to attract customers).

After Sale service - Service Plus
Future Tech should heighten its already excellent customer service to...
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