Verizon Swot Analysis

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Verizon SWOT Analysis

Matt Ashcraft


December 2, 2012

Ron Schwendiman
Verizon SWOT Analysis
This paper is to decide whether to invest in a company. The company I have chosen is Verizon Communication. I will conduct a SWOT analysis define the elements of the SWOT analysis, and identify the most relevant parts of the analysis. I will then identify Verizon’s stakeholders, both internal and external and describe the stakeholders’ needs and wants. Finally I will discuss how Verizon is fulfilling the stakeholders’ wants and needs. SWOT Analysis

According to the FCC Verizon Communications is the largest carrier in the US (FCC, 2011, p.8). Verizon also has the largest 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, covering over 75% of the US (, 2012). This investment in broadband network provides Verizon a strong advantage in the expanding smartphone and tablet markets. Verizon also was the first carrier to launch shared data plans, a new data plan concept that is popular among the larger carriers. Weaknesses

Verizon’s large coverage area and 4G advancements come at a price. Verizon’s plans tend to be more costly than their competitors. Also Verizon’s current 3G network is based on CDMA technology, it cannot handle calls and data at the same time. This is a major drawback when dealing with Apple’s iPhone. While Verizon is the largest carrier in the United States, its market share is small outside the United States. Verizon has been a relatively small player in international markets. Verizon has been a relatively small player in international markets. This is also due to Verizon’s base in CDMA networks where GSM is more of a standard. Opportunities

Overall cell phone usage has stagnated so the wireless companies are moving to capitalize on the growing demand for broadband. The driving demands for broadband are the tablet devices. By investing more in 4GLTE, Verizon can grow in his area of the market....

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