Apple Swot Analysis 6

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, ITunes Store Pages: 4 (985 words) Published: June 5, 2011

* CEO Steve Jobs.
* Product development. Apple’s products establish high standards for the market. * Robust Research & Development Department.
* Design and convenience.
* Marketing.
* ITunes Music Store is an outstanding source of revenue, especially with the iPod and its availability to access Windows platform. * Apple Computers are expert in developing own software and hardware. * Apple Computers have respectable brand loyalty

* Apple’s niche offers the company with certain cover from the direct price competition. * Low debt.

The combination of all elements mention above makes Apple the successful firm that it is today. Apple enjoys the administration of a proactive, visionary and charismatic CEO who got this company almost in ruins (having losses for two quarters in row and losing market shares) and he transformed it into a profitable the most admired corporation in the world. Becoming a design and product innovator that is ahead of the trends, it has only been possible because of strong research and development department. For example, the desktop computer is part of the screen, not a separate case with cables; the iPhone has touch screen and feels wonderful in the hand. Apple has also come up with innovative services like iTunes Music Store (providing music to customers at minimum price) which is an outstanding source of income, especially with the iPod and its availability to access Windows platform. Apple iPod not only helped increase company sales but also influenced people to get familiar with Apple notebook and operating system and also initiated the road for Apple’s brand recognition.

* The most noticeable weakness of Apple is high cost of its products. * Very proprietary and controlling.
* Apple operating system support limited software which drives people to use Microsoft Windows. * Few hardware upgrading options in Apple notebooks....
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