Software Assignment: Complete SSS Software In-Basket Case

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SSS software Assignment

1. Complete SSS Software In-Basket Case found at the end of the introduction

* Set aside two hours for this task
* There are 17 items to consider
* Write up each of your decisions for each of the items—see form on page 32. * Upload your answers to Blackboard by Thursday, September 6th * The case will be discussed in the WIMBA Session on the 6th of September.

You can type your answers on this sheet and just upload this sheet

Item #1: Email response to all employees


Thank you Roger for the introduction and for giving me the opportunity of becoming the VP of Operations for Health and Financial Services. I look forward to working with all of you in the future and to continue sharing in SSS Software’s success.

Chris Perillo

Items #2: Email response to all managers


Can not wait to prove these guys wrong!

Chris Perillo

Item# 3: Email response to Paula Sprague


Thanks for the information I will review and get back to you with any questions.

Thanks Again,
Chris Perillo

Item# 4: Meet in person with Wanda Manners

I would like to meet in person with Wanda to talk more about this issue and to discuss in more detail the extent of what was “borrowed.” Since I am heading out to Paris I will meet with you as soon as a get back in my office first thing.

Item# 5A: Email response to Paula,


Sounds good to me, thanks for letting me know and taking care of this.

Chris Perillo

Item# 5B: No Response

Item#5C: Note to self

Paula emailed me on 10/15 letting me know she took care of this I gave her the ok to move forward.

Item #6: Email to Harry and a separate email to John Small


Thank you for your concern I will look into this

Chris Perillo


I was wondering how the Halstrom project is coming and if you will be able to make the deadline? Please let me know if you need to pull in extra resources to compelte this project on time.

Chris Perillo

Note to self: Monitor this project personally to make sure perosnal problems don’t inject themselves into the project.

Item #7: Pass voice mail to manager Robert Miller

I will pass this voicemail along to his direct manager Robert Miller and have him work with the customer and Joes Martinez.

Item# 8: Email reposnce to all managers

All Managers,

I have been aware of customer complaints saying that they had long delays while waiting for technicians, technicians are not knowledgeable enough, and technicians are sometimes rude. I am also aware that lack of trainning for new hires has become a problem. Since all of you can see the problems first hand, what are your suggestions and thoughts on how to limit the compliants white increasing the knowledeg of your staff.

Chris Perillo

Item# 9: Quick call back

Pat thanks for the kind words, I am swamped and will be out of the country, when things die down lets sit down for lunch.

Item# 11: Phone call back/phone call to manager

Hi Lorriane its Chris Perillo, I just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for being a loyal customer. I am going to be out of town but will have either Harris wilson, Chu Hung, or Elise Soto’s direct manager contact you to get this project completed.

Find out Harris wilson, Chu Hung, or Elise Soto manager and write them the email below:


Can you please set something up with Lorraine Adams (213-555-3456) from Westside Hospital to help her with the conversion software. Westside Hospital has been a loyal customer and we could end up losing them to our competitors if we drop the ball on this. Please get this job scheduled asap.

Chris Perillo

Item #12: Leave a voicemall for Roosevelt

Hi, Roosevelt its Chris Perillo. I reieved your voicemail and understand your concerns I am going to be out of town for awhile but would like to talk with you when I get back.

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