Portfolio: Judgment and Wise Choice Process

Topics: Judgment, Choice, English-language films Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: September 28, 2012
READ the CHAPTER BEFORE answering the question.

All responses should be in your own words. Do not simply rewrite what the textbooks states.

Type all responses. Attach this copy and submit via Blackboard by the deadline.

A minimum of 375 word count response required

|Name |Miranda Miller | |Date |9/26/12 | |What is the exact word count of your response? |207 |

Portfolio Question #2 (Chapter 2)

a. As defined in your textbook, discuss the 6 steps of The Wise Choice Process?

b. Discuss 2 major differences between a Victim and a Creator.

Type response below:

A. The 6 steps of the Wise Choice Process are basically showing you how to make responsible choices. It’s telling you how to define your problem as a creator and not a victim and how you can’t change your past but you can predict your future. You can create a list of possible choices without judgement; all choices that you make you must make sure that it always have a positive outcome. If you can’t predict the outcome it’s never a good choice to do. Compare all of your situations and if there all the same it’s a complete success but If it doesn’t you can always start over again.

B. Victim- When people do what they’ve been doing even when it doesn’t work. Victims always try to blame others for their mistakes and they always make excuses. They always focus on their weaknesses and they never think they can accomplish anything that’s difficult to do. There always so easy to give up. Creators- Always accept responsibility find better ways to improve they always find solutions to everything. They always believe in there selves they think positive and look for better decisions, there never...
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