Social Audit

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Social Audit

A social audit is a business statement presented annually to understand, measure, report and improve the organization's social and ethical performance. Usually, social audit is addressed to employees, investors, market analysts, shareholders and lastly, the community. This is considered to be the main ground for practicing corporate social responsibility. With social audit, it strengthens the relationship between company, society and environment and at the same time showing the transparency of activities to improve the quality of life.

Starbucks, the chosen company of the group, annually presents their report called Global Responsibility Report. According to their latest report for the year 2012, they are more focused on the activities they made for ethical sourcing, community involvement and environmental stewardship pointing out that these areas can have the greatest impact on the business and the community.

The company has seriously used comprehensive approach in ensuring that the coffee they manufacture and sell would be 100% ethically sourced by 2015. This not only ensures the coffee's relationship with the customers but also establishes a long lasting relationship of the Starbucks' to the the farmers who grow the plant and manufacture it. The report showed that 93% of the of the coffee are ethically sourced.

Starbucks Company always believed that they are actually part of involving themselves in the communities. They wanted to bring people together, inspire an individuals and make a difference to other people's lives. The group had interviewed an employee or “partner” of the Starbucks Lipa and asked how and where do usually the partners involved themselves in the community and she answered that mostly they go to Mindanao. The goal of the Starbucks is to mobilize their partners,customers, civic leaders and non-profit organizations to contribute 1,000,000 hours of community service by 2015. So far, the company has increased their...
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