Sir Robert Peel Paper

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In this paper I will be describing the impact that Sir Robert Peel made on the American Police and how they still continue to use it today. Sir Robert Peel was a member of England’s elite police force. In the early 1800’s England was home to over 450 law enforcement officers. These officers were the cornerstone for the new age modernized police force.

Sir Robert Peel set forth to establish a police force that not only caught and punished criminals but he wanted them to work at lowering the crime rate of the given area that they were responsible for. In 1828 Peel established what was later called the London Metropolitan Police. This new police force was perfect to start the reforming of the way the police would enforce the law. Peel was met with resistant from England’s Parliament due to a fear of the police turning into more of a military style similar to the French style of law enforcement. In 1929 Parliament passed the “Metropolitan Police Act” establishing funds to enlarge the force of police from the near 450 to up to 1000 officers. These officers were to follow a set of strict standards of conduct. They were to be disciplined and professionals.

The police force started out with two “Commissioners/Magistrates”. The officers of the new police force were organized using a standard military structure and utilized a clear chain of command and rules of conduct. The officers were required to wear uniforms and badges so the public would be able to identify them easily. Their badges were required to have an identification number on it to easily keep track of each individual officer. These officers were required to show and demand a high level of professionalism and accountability. These new law enforcement officers were employees of the state and not just the sworn in citizen of the past. They were charged with the obligation to assist in the apprehension of those that broke the laws governing the populace.

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