Short Story

Topics: Police, Primary school, English-language films Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 12, 2013
SI can remember that day when I was ten years old. I was going to the primary school with my friends by bus as every day in the morning. On that day, I leaved home at six a.m. and got to the bus. After that, I saw a strange man was following us in his car. He was about 40 years old with dirty clothes. Before we arrived to school he had shouted, "stop stop stop the bus" to the driver and he tried to stop our bus. So he hit the front of the bus by his car. After five minutes the bus stopped totally and the driver closed the door and windows tightly. After that the driver asked us to keep quiet and sat down in our seats. The strange man was coming to us and throwing small stones to the windows. So the driver called the police. When the driver ended his call, he tried to find the man but he could not see him. Ten minutes later, the police car came to us. Because of this the driver opened the door and he got out the bus to talk with the policeman. Until now I do not know what happed and where was the strange man gone! Anyways, in the end the driver told us not to worry the police caught the strange man and he was a crazy man. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived to school after the two policemen had helped the driver to repair the bus. And we found all the staff of our school waiting for us in the middle of street.

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