English Short Story

Topics: Laughter, Man Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: March 2, 2014
The War of Persuasion
‘’Team listen up, TEAM listen up! Pray, what would our coach want us undeserving men to do on a dark night like this when the fearing wolves howl amongst the trees? We gotta wait for the team to arrive so we shall sit by the fire together, c’mon team, let’s warm up our bodies. Remember boys, God loves all men, team, he does.’’ Only one of the members from the team that had arrived at the cabin looked up, the firelight dancing in his eyes, the gold-braid in his hair glowing like the setting sun. He lowered the volleyball, but not his gaze. ‘’Your wrong’’ says Genesis ‘’God only loves a man who can look after himself Mark, and in my personal experience generous men always want something. What would you bring to this fire, besides your nattering mouth and complete nonsense?’’ Mark stood; weary from intense trainings only hours before yet still compelled with integrity, his weary body slowly regenerating as the night carried on and his belly as empty as his velvet purse. ‘’I have nothing guys. Nothing but the clothes I wear and the pride of my years living on this earth you see. Honestly, I do fear, I have more to offer than the noises screeched from the wolves lurking in the dark that draw near. Thus God does bless generous –‘’ ‘’- pffft, your lying now Mark.’’ Genesis turned to the only other two teammates that have arrived so far. ‘’What’s your personal opinion guys? A weary figure, clothes and his pride, is it enough?’’ ‘’Hahaha Mark, but hey this is going to be a long night. So end this argument,’’ whispered the Captain of the team, his envious black hood smothering his features in shadow. ‘’Mark sit, but your only eating what you what you’ve deserved from this discussion,’’ said Luke, his lips thick with grease from the endless amounts of pizza that were leaving the crumbs littered at his feet below. Mark sat, slowly but surely, and then slumped as exhaustion flooded his body, drawn into the warmth of the fire. He sighed, long and deep....
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