Short Story

Topics: Mother, Birthday, Twin Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: December 13, 2013
Alyvia Daly
English lll
October 18, 2013
Period 5

The Twins

Liv was sitting in a chair staring at an aged iron gate with the words of the asylum’s name “Forquer Asylum” embedded in the iron work. She seemed to be staring at something else though, something only she could see. You could tell she was in deep thought and whatever it was trouble her greatly just by the way her face was scrunched up like if she was mad.

“Liv…” called Dr. Grey.

Liv turned not realizing Dr. Grey had been calling her for some. “Oh, I’m sorry.” said Liv half heartedly. She had been working with Dr. Grey since she was admitted into the asylum by her mom a month ago.

“Let’s finish were you left off at from yesterday. Can you tell me what happened that night? You left off at where you were on your way to school and it was you and your sisters birthday I believe.” replied Dr. Grey readying her iPad to type up whatever Liv said.

“Yes it was October 31st, our birthday. Did I tell you she was my twin? Yah, if you stood us by each other the only way you could tell us apart is if we spoke. Man did I hate her.”

Dr. Grey’s eyes were finally met by Liv’s.

“Why did you hate her?” questioned Dr. Grey.
The doctor’s eyes where just like her name – grey. Liv thought they resembled that of a stormy night. Just like the night she walked out the hospital with her friends barely escaping with their lives.

“I mean I don’t hate her…she’s my sister. I love her. She always had to be prettier than me. She was too. So beautiful, just like a single red rose in a field full of dead ones. She would take hours just to get ready for school. Her hair was just like mine, long, black, and silky. She always wears some type of bow or flower pin in her hair. Her nose was kind of like a little button on her face, sort of like mine but more pleasing. But her eyes…..her eyes were so beautiful. They were like two big emeralds on her face. You could just get lost into her eyes for hours.”...
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