Topics: Ethics, Want, Morality Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: December 5, 2012
“To be great is to be misunderstood” (Ralph Waldo). Throughout my life, I have been misunderstood mainly in communication, in what I believe in, and how I perceive myself and everyone around me. I despise being misunderstood, people jump to conclusions when they misunderstand the situation, which is infuriating. Whether it be because of my appearance or the way I carry myself, people are always quick to assume the negative. They remain insistent on their misunderstanding and with malice and persecution use it against me. No matter what they say, I will be who I am and no matter how inaccurate the views of other people are of me. I make no apologies for being the person I am, and I make no apologies for other people.

I hate when my good intentions are misunderstood and interpreted as anything but good. It undermines everything I believe in and stand for leaving me feeling like some awful person. Even worse is when my words get twisted around during a conversation. As a Christian, I hold some very strong feelings on they way people live their lives. I grew up in a family with high morals and expectations. Also the scripture has very accurate description on how we as Christians should live our lives. Therefore, I do not agree on a lot of choices on how teens are choosing to live their lives. For example, the phrase “Yolo” makes me sick to my stomach. It seems to be apparent that getting infused with alcohol every weekend and being involved in sexual intercourse with different partners is the lingo to a happy life. This is what society has come down to, and for the people that do not involve themselves into such, still get misunderstood in the fact that they do. As for myself, I cannot even have normal conversations with people these days because they think im judging them just because I don’t follow their lifestyle.

The outcome of this is simply this, people are always going to judge me based on what I tend to think, I just have to keep calm and carry on. I...
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