What Do I Feel When People Talk Bad Things About Me…

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First of all, I never liked people talking bad things about me. But who likes people talking about them?!

I told you all that I’m quite conscious of what people think of me and sometimes I felt like can sense that they are talking about me. Maybe I just being paranoid or it is just my intuition but I would definitely feel angry, pissed off and will be cursing about the person who started talking about me. In the flip side, I certainly do my fair share from time to time, I can never deny that. But let’s think it that way… As long as people talk about you (even in a negative way) you're important to them!! Usually I feel that it's karma, because like I said, I do my share of gossip, so who am I to complain when they do it about me? It happens, this is life. Life isn’t always like those fairytale stories. So, we need to live with it as it is apart of our lives.

The real trick is to actually not to care and realize that you are you and no matter what people say about you, they just can’t change you. We can never control what people want to do. So why mind about them?! All of us should cherish our lives and stop fussing about these small things. Be happy and smile always. Happiness cannot be bought with nickels and dimes. Life is short; enjoy life while you still can. They can say anything about you but ant the end of the day the only thing that matters is those who care about you and knows the real you. Smile and spread the love in your heart, hopefully those people will realize that who you really are… Till then…
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