Terminal and Intrumental Values

Topics: Integrity, Morality, Virtue Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: February 4, 2015
Shakeiya Thomas
Mrs. Parker
8 Journalism 2014
I am a person who has many values (many of them listed below). I am also a person who doesn’t quickly dismiss the ideas of others and who tries to understand why people value or don’t value certain things. For me, I feel that everyone paves their own individual path with the ability to alter it if necessary, so I value qualities closer to inner wholeness, or being one with yourself. If you can truly accept and understand yourself, I feel like you can do or believe anything. You hold the key to your own mind and imagination and it’s better for people to understand that so they’re able to move on in the future. Inner Harmony, Self-Respect and wisdom are definitely the most important to me because they encourage mental and spiritual growth. I know many people aren’t religious but spiritual doesn’t always have to be put in that context. I mean it in a more “One with your mind, one with your body” kind of way. I’m not a person who is god with expressing her feelings through speech, I like to analyze privately and observe things. I am more of a reserved person unless I’m in my comfort zone. Being comfortable with yourself could make you feel comfortable any and everywhere. Values like world peace and equality are definitely important, it’s just that to me, they’re only possible if EVERYONE in the world is at peace within themselves, and at the rate we’re traveling, I’m not sure if we’ll get there anytime soon. I don’t value social recognition at all; it hinders a person to do things only to be noticed. It’s okay to want to make a change, but don’t seek outside opinions for approval. It isn’t that important what others think of you. You should focus on your own happiness and positive contribution to the world. I usually value qualities I don’t yet possess, which explains why I’m mostly talking about the Terminal values. I feel like the instrumental values are pretty much qualities everyone possesses whether...
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