Sex Sells

Topics: Women's rights, Woman, Gender Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Tyler Lockley
Polina Chemishanova
English 1050
September 15, 2010
“Sex Sells”
Sex sells; by now we all should know that. But with a lot of these new advertisements, companies are having a hard time with choosing where to draw that sexy line. Advertisements typically want to target a set group of people, otherwise known as their audience. Their audience ranges from ages 16-50 years old and in age, to race, to sex, to social class. All these aspects come in to play when you are analyzing an advertisement. The ad, which is featured to the right, has been viewed by women's rights groups as "fantasy rape”. The ad depicts a woman in a inclined position being held down by a muscular shirt less man while a group of other men look on. While D&G ( Dolce & Gabbana) are known for their racy ad campaigns, many women's rights leaders such as Kim Gandy, President of the National Organizations for Women, think this photo has gone too far and that it promotes violence against women. An effective ad must strike the audience's attention, keep their attention, and somehow manage to positively affect that audience's viewpoint on their advertisement. Although D&G advertisement employs the appeals of ethos and pathos effectively through a strong credibility and appealing to a sexual fantasy, the image conveyed a message of male dominance and the submissiveness of women. So ask yourself. Does sex really sell?

In the advertisement by D&G the company appeals to ethos very well. D&G is able to Also with their huge fan base which includes stars like Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, and Whitney Port stars from “The Hills” a hit MTV Network television show. By D&G being able to outsource their clothes to these stars; fans of those stars are drawn to D&G because of what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Imagine just from these three customers they are able to reach many more customers. Fans see these stars wearing D&G it pushes them to go out...

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