Sex Sells in America

Topics: Tobacco advertising, Smoking, Cigarette Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: April 1, 2013
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Blown Away
Tobacco advertisements have always been one to walk on the boarder of sexism by objectifying women, but sometimes it is as though they might step over the edge. Advertisements seem to always be able to fulfill their purpose of exposing their product, but sometimes these advertisements go the route of creating an image that will stick in the audience’s mind for quite some time. Looking back at vintage advertisements, one can see that tobacco ads were able to say or suggest anything to the audience without getting in trouble. Now-a-days smoking has made a decline in sex appeal, but in this ad from the November 1969 issue of Playboy, it shows that people considered smoking Tipalet Cigarettes to arouse people of the opposite sex when they are smoked in their presence. This advertisement shows that in 1969 smoking was a sexy/arousing activity for males to do. Stereotypically, females look for guys that are handsome and sexy (along with many more features), and in this ad it makes it seem as though if a guy would blow Tipalet smoke in a girls face she will consider him more handsome and sexy. The text “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” that is in the center of the advertisement gives the impression that by blowing this particular brand of cigarette smoke in a females face she will become unconditionally in love with the male who blew the smoke. It does not matter what the guy looks like who is smoking the cigarette, as long as he does what this ad tells him to do, a beautiful girl will fall madly in love with him. The beautiful woman that takes up a majority of the advertisement seems to be the company’s way to draw in the male audience to this particular ad. The composition of this ad is fairly simple; have the product directly in the center and then put a good looking woman right by it. The man that they used in this ad looks like the average man, but since he is blowing his smoke towards the woman, it shows...
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