Service Oriented Organisation

Topics: Service-oriented architecture, Public sector, Customer service Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Industry are an important element in every state in order to determine the economic level in the state itself. The economy of the a country depend on the industry it has because the more industry a country has, the more economically rich and stable the country will be. The term industry can be refers to a field or an organisation involve in the production of goods, services or extraction of natural resources. There are two types of organisation in an industry, product-oriented organisation and service-oriented organization. The term "product" is associated with something that is tangible, which is capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch. The outputs of product-oriented organisation are either end product, or components that are assembled into end product in the downstream process within the industries. While the term "service" is associated with something that is intangible which is incapable of being felt by touch. Besides that, services was first describe by researchers Saxe and Weirtz as being related to a concern for others. For example, the dry cleaners produce clean and pressed clothes, professional service firms such as architects, accountants, attorneys, and consultants produce reports. All of the result for the services given is a matter that related to the concern of the customer. In the financial and business and professional services industries, service-oriented products are packaged with such items as accounts, agreements, brochures, contracts, databases, documents, equipment, facilities, policies, procedures, and statements.

When we talk about services, it is often related to the traits or behaviour of the officers who are in charge of giving services to the customer. Services does not always profitable to the person who are giving services. More likely, the customer can be the only sides who gain profit by the service of the officers. For example is the customer service sector. This sector is made so that they can give...
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