Global Expansion

Topics: Customer, First-mover advantage, Customer service Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: March 6, 2011
.The advantage of being the first mover gives the opportunity to gain control. Which could bring great success and also the risk to fail. Both companies had the first mover advantage over other companies, Both were capable of expanding their busniness and achiving customer satisfaction. Not with the same level of achievement but both are still standing firm. 2. The difference is that for service company they must provide customer satisfaction and for a manufacturing company they must provide product satisfaction. To achieve global success a service company must have a good communication with their customers by having well trained employees. The element is having excellent customer service. An obstable to global expansion is the high competition. 3.The merits of having its own staff spread around the world consist of providing the customer quality service. Meaning the importance of making sure the customers feel secure of sending their items with a “local” office and communicating with their native people bulding strong relationships.The drawbacks of the International staffing is the earlier traditions in many countries. 4.I think DHL decrease in bussiness because of their merger with Airborne Express in 2003. I think the dangers of being the first movers made them ambitious of becoming better and lead them to a wrong investment 1.Yes because DHL gets to have more business with boeing than others because they are ranked first and their were there first. Boeing gets to make a lot of planes and other transportations that go internationally that DHL would get more because they were first and better. Since they are ranked so high and were there first, people will see that they do good business and will choose them over other countries. 2.Service companies try to focus on the service quality, developing strategies such as hiring staff in the countries it operates which makes clients develop a stronger relationship with that company. Manufacturing compaines focuse...
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