Self Management

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1. Introduction
In any type of industry, Self-management skills which are sometimes referred to as personality traits are important in determining the quality of services or quality of product provided to the customers. Skill Management is beneficial to both the organization and the employees as it is a way for maximizing the time and talents in achieving the projected goals. The organization benefits from increased productivity and capability while Employees benefit from higher motivation and commitment, career development, increased knowledge and job satisfaction.

1.1 Objectives of Study
The study involves the following:

* To understand the entire procedure of Self management
* To study the accuracy and quality of work of employees by self management procedure. * To prepare an action plan on self management for department of economic development of UMM AL Quwain and the to demonstrate the competence of chartered member

2. Study Methodology

2.1 Literature Review
Self-management is the control you exert over your time for your achievement of goal and your personal growth. It is a collection of managing skills that comprises team management skills and leadership skills. There are many skills are useful at the work place for self-management. (a)Time Management Skills

The basics of time management can be put as below:
* Identify the different demands on your limited time
* Prioritize the tasks
* Schedule according to the goals, responsibilities and needs * Identify the personal time preferences and use this time wisely maximise effectiveness and minimise stress.

(b) Project Management Skills
Project management skills are those required in the successful completion of a project from its inception to the end. This list begins from creating a work proposal to the delivery or end of project in time .A list of project management skills follows: (i) Creating Work Proposal

A work proposal must fulfil so many objectives. While creating a work proposal it should be simple and clear as much as possible. This should be efficient, and designed with costs in mind. Cost-cutting solutions often result in complicated processes, so to maintain a balance between simplicity and financial viability is the key to proposal. (ii) Presenting Proposal

The present a work proposal before public is as important as creating a work proposal. This is dependent on the public speaking ability of the individual. Hence it is the most challenging, as public speaking is rare skill that project managers often do not gain experience in prior to obtaining the position. For a proposal to be approved the presenter has to convince the client in the modest way through their communication and interpersonal skills. (iii) Listening Skills

As a project manager, he must become the hub of knowledge, and the only way to reach that status is to listen to all your team mates, without instantly filtering that knowledge based on whether you agree. Listening always guides you to know more and develop new domains of knowledge which may of immediate benefit or long term benefit. (iv) Task Distribution

This is as important as you manage your tasks and responsibilities. As the proposal is done at many levels with different sub-projects and sub-tasks, it is very much important to clearly define the tasks and expectation from each individual or team member. This can be done by assigning roles to all and keeping them alert on their expectations on the project. Communicating Effectively

Communication is the key to project management. A project involves bringing together knowledge, people and natural resources to add value. Communication via personal conversation, mail or fax must be clear to communicate properly to all the persons concerned. Proper communication in time and to the right persons saves a lot of time and thus results in efficient management. (v) Managing Conflict

Conflicts will inevitably...

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