Performance Appraisals

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The Performance Of Performance Appraisal

Sanjeev Kumar Saxena - Jodhpur

Today, most of organisations attempt to develop the outlook and performance of its employees by using multiple and complex training and educational programmes. In comparison to this, several academician's, researches and professionals hold that the personality of employees is generally developed when they learn several dimensions of job while working. Similarly, it is also believed that proper development of the personality of an employee by exercising ‘on the job' will be more useful when the organisation simultaneously gets related feed back through a systematic method of performance appraisal.

Performance appraisal is a process of obtaining, analysing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. It is a systematic periodic and an impartial rating of an employee's excellence in matters pertaining to his present job and his potential for a better job. A good appraisal system provides right feedback about the quality of performance of an employee. In spite of dislike by several employees, performance appraisal has become an inescapable feature. It imparts benefits not only to the employees but also on supervisors and management. By viewing the benefits of performance appraisal, an attempt was made to find out from personnel managers, general manager and owners of 37 hotels of Rajasthan, the performance appraisal scenario in hospitality industry.

There are certain identified criteria for which performance appraisal is carried out in the hospitality industry that includes:

To check current performance
Know future potential
Maintain work force
Improve performance
Determining training needs
Personal development opportunity
Basis of promotion
Transfer and discharge
Basis of pay revision
Feedback and communication mechanism.

A well-designed performance appraisal system might fail to bring about the desired results, if an appropriate appraiser is not selected. In most of situations, it is been seen that the appraiser is an immediate supervisor of the people to be appraised. Therefore, an attempt was made to find out the people, who conduct the performance appraisal interview in selected hotel's units.

The above analysis (Table I) indicates that in more than 50 per cent of the five, four, three-star and heritage hotels, the performance appraisal is done by the immediate supervisor as he is most familiar with subordinates and their work, and he is considered to be the most able man to appraise them. Whereas in two hotels performance appraisal was mostly conducted by the personnel manager. In one and unapproved hotels, the concept of written performance appraisal system was not found, though they conduct performance appraisal but in an informal way.


The Indian corporate world undertakes various pattern of duration for conducting performance appraisal. An attempt was made to project the duration in which performance of employee is evaluated by selected hotels units. It is noticed that some hotels exclusively prefer to have a formal system of performance appraisal and the duration is either annually, half yearly, quarterly and some prefer to have an informal system of performance appraisal and the duration is either weekly, daily or continuously. It was also noticed that some hotels prefer to have the appraisal in both combinations.


The corporate world had broadly classified the method of performance appraisal into two categories:

(a) Traditional Methods

(b) Modern Methods

Traditional methods include a confidential report, ranking method, essay or free form, paired comparison, forced distribution, checklist method, critical incident, group appraisal and field review method.

While the modern performance appraisal methods includes an appraisal by result or MBO, behaviourally anchored rating scale method. An attempt was therefore made to highlight the...

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Make performance appraisal relevant
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