Article on Self Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Senior management Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Managing Yourself


The article ‘Managing yourself’ talks about the importance of self assessment by an individual at every stage of professional life. Inspite of exceeding the expectations and delivering targets successfully and being the best team player, one must needs to assess and think strategically and develop winning strategy when holding a senior executive level title. In this article, the author talks about various senior level executives who failed to get that promotion that they have been struggling for or they deserved and he also talks about the executives who made to the higher positioned titles without being in a senior level titles. The author brings up lot of interesting facts as to how the upper level management accesses each senior executive for promotions or for more responsible and executive positions. As per the author the main characteristics that prevents the upper management from considering a senior executive from promotions or assigning more responsible position as as follows: (1) Having weak interpersonal skills and leadership skills. (2) Treating other with no due respect. (3) Not being a part of the team but looking out for one’s own person gain than the team or company. (4) Being very negative and having narrow perspectives towards the organization growth.

In order to focus and analyze, as what the senior executives who had amazing performance and delivering beyond expectations record failed to get that promotion they looked forward too or further growth, the author brings out what aspects they failed and how they should ask and listen and comprehend to the feedback and learn to see the signs of their back fall. The major characteristics or capabilities’ these senior executives’ missed upon are as follows: (1) Learning the market growing/changing trends and thinking strategically new strategies to lead the organization to winning and making it a successes...

References: Beeson, J. (June, 2009). Managing Yoursefl. Harvard Business Review, 101-105.
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