Science vs. Religion in Philosophy

Topics: Religion, Universe, God Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Both science and religion try to answer the same questions that life offers us, yet both go about answering these questions different ways. Part of what makes us human is our curiosity and constant questioning of life, and religious and scientific explanations for life’s biggest questions have been up for debate for millennia. Science and religion differ in numerous ways from one another when trying to solve the mysteries of our world. On one side, science is the ever changing source of knowledge that uses physical evidence, logic, and research to answer questions, but there is no definite answer. Unlike science, religion only offers claims based around faith and belief to answer these questions, research and evidence are replaced with gods and the supernatural, which produce simple answers to complex questions. An example would be the creation of the universe, was it created by the “big bang”, or was there some godly being who has always been here that decided to make our world. One method offers explanations through research and evidence, the other offers single answers that require blind faith. In general, Science is always changing in the sense that new and old ideas are constantly being researched, tested, and analyzed until a conclusion can be made. An example of this would be how Newton’s ideas replace Aristotle’s, and Einstein’s ideas replaced Newton’s. The main focus of science is to provide answers for how the universe through the use of observation, physical evidence, experimentation, and trial and error. Even with substantial physical evidence and observation, not everyone will accept what most would consider being true. Science also restricts its self to the physical and natural world, which makes scientific findings subject to change. One would think that through the use of physical evidence, observations, experimentations, you could sway anyone’s opinion into believing and understanding a scientific discovery. Science can offer an infinite number...
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