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Topics: Particle physics, Higgs boson, Standard Model Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 4, 2013
When Pope John Paul 2 came to Cern,he talked about prdigious things like world peace and how he hoped the science discovered at Cern should be subject to the constraints of consicience. In reply The Cern director spoke of a fecund dialogue between science and religion. He mentioned about the need for good public relations on Cern's part and the need for an open mind on sicentific research on the church's part played some role in this curious interaction between organized religion and big science. Ancient Greeks searched for rules that govern that physical universe was largeley religious in nature. However around the time in Galileo we started to search physics while explaning the rules. At the end of 19.century we were breaking down atoms,learning oveer a 50 year span about the construction of the nucleus and sub-nuclear structure. Today, Cern is doing highest energy facilities ,that is huge and expensive. Last year they found the 'god particle' a particle associated with how all other particles get their masses. With this information they attracted attention. This discovery was not a coincidence, in fact it was a part of the next stage of physics research. Higgs Boson provides to give us a picture of basic rules governing the way the universe was,is,and will be. Since the decades, we are explaining problems with laws.For instance Newton discovered his laws of gravitation with the aid of calculus,which he essentialt had to invent on his own. However he spent years to explain these rules. These rules should explain the laws at larger scales. They must be simple and economical. The basics of the so-called quantum field theory-the theoretical context in which the Higgs boson resides are explanatory. In the 1960's as a way to allow symmetry in the underlying structure of a theory while the physical manifestation of the theory did not exhibit such symmetry.Physicists were coming to realize that symmetries play a central role in physical law. In 1967...
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