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If Science Is Right Then Religion Is Wrong

By SaluteRue May 07, 2012 1070 Words
If Science is Right then Religion is Wrong

By Sophia Frost

Whereas the Religious theory is word of mouth and the Bible, science has facts to prove that it is right. The most accepted theory is the Big Bang – a cosmic explosion that caused the world to exist. Before the Big Bang there had been nothing except an amount of matter that was smaller than the eye of a needle. The explosion caused this to expand and thus; our Universe was created. Scientists believe that it is still expanding, and will one day stop, and begin to contract. They have also found slight ripples of cosmic radiation to prove this. There is also an alternative scientific theory – The Steady State Theory. This says that the Universe is not changing, and had no beginning which makes the Big Bang nonsense – but few scientists accept this theory, and it doesn’t have any solid evidence. The idea that one day the Universe will stop expanding and start contracting also raises questions. What if this has happened before? It might happen again. We may not be the first and we might not be the last. Another piece of evidence is the dinosaurs. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention the dinosaurs (apart from once it says reptiles, but this is taken to mean present day reptiles as WE know them; snakes, iguanas and alligators etc…) We have fossils as rock solid proof that nobody can argue with, which shows that dinosaurs and creatures of that time really did exist. This doesn’t fit in with the religious theory; in fact it goes against it. The last and most obvious statement which says that science is right is Evolution. Evolution is a scientific theory that explains the origins of humanity and its development. Evolution is where a living organism adapts and evolves to become less primitive, and more likely to survive. It is NOT random. Not a single living organism that has ever been discovered shows any sign whatsoever of having evolved by non-Darwinian means. Evolution has proved that all life on Earth shares a common ancestor. Charles Darwin was the first to discover evolution, by studying birds of the Galapagos Islands, and he wrote a book about it, but it took him many years to release it, and he was punished for developing a theory of the origins of the Universe that went against God, whom people had believed up until now, had been the creator of life as we know it. The proof of evolution is of course Darwin’s studies that proved to be right in ALL other cases of other living organisms.

Most of the ideas that religion is right come from the fact that they agree with, or caused some of the scientific theories. Charles Darwin discovered the scientific theory of evolution, but all the way through his life and studies he believed in God, and he never stopped believing. He didn’t believe that God “made” everything, but he still believed in Him, even though evolution did go against the theory that God created humanity and the whole Universe. Some people are completely against evolution, and think that God controls every living organism. “God knows when every sparrow falls.” People think that God controls whether that sparrow falls or not, and how each living organism adapts and evolves. In most scientist’s opinions, theoretically, the Big Bang shouldn’t have happened. There were too many coincidences and scenarios that were very unlikely, and would have had to have happened at very specific points, or have been a very specific amount that was extremely unlikely. For example: the amount of oxygen combined with the atmosphere density and gases surrounding the Earth and lots of other scientific and complicated things that had to be exact, were exact; otherwise the balance would have been upset, everything would have gone wrong and life wouldn’t have happened. So of course people believe that someone or something must have had a hand in this. The most popular and obvious answer was God. People believed that it was a combination of all of the scientific processes AND God enabling them to happen, that caused the Universe. God must have designed humans, because the human is so complicated and perfect somebody must have designed them. This is often compared to a watch. If you take the back of a clock or a watch, all the cogs and little machines are pieced together so carefully, there must have of course been a watchmaker. This is the same; with people as the watches, and God as the watchmaker. Of course the most blatant “proof” of religion being right is the Bible. But many many people don’t believe the entire Bible – only creationists do. But they do believe in God and some parts of the Bible.

The Bible has apparently existed for thousands and thousands of years, and so will have been twisted, exaggerated, or even completely made up. It’s not proper proof. I believe that the Big Bang caused life to exist. I don’t believe in Adam and Eve being the first humans, and the Garden of Eden with the snake and all of the different trees etc… because there is no hard evidence, yet there is tonnes and tonnes of evidence for the scientific theory of the Big Bang and especially Evolution. Scientists have proved time and time again, that both are true. I also don’t believe that God “breathes the breath of life” into Adam, because the human body and how it works is so intricate and complicated that it must have been designed around science and evolution and adaption. I also know that there is proof that animals and humans have evolved from being not so perfect, primitive beings, but have evolved over time to adapt to their surroundings so that they can survive. Despite all this I do believe that there must be something like a God. I’m not sure if it is the “Divine One” people know about and believe in today, but it does seem that there MUST be something other than just humans or animals. Even if its aliens, science cannot explain everything that happens, has happened and will happen. I think that we haven’t got God completely right yet, but that we will someday in a few hundred or thousand years or so.

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