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Theme: The Big Bang theory (The theory of everything) Subject of studying: The beginning of all the surroundings And the mysteries of our inexplicable and amazing Universe | | |[pic] ...

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The universe

February 16, 2014 Our Universe was created billions of years ago. We have no way of knowing exactly how this happened, nor how or if it will end. The creation of the universe is greatly debated religiously and scientifically. The future of our universe is a popular topic, but still remains a mystery. There are many theories as to what will happen to the universe and factors to be accounted for. The fact that we do not have the ability to travel into the unknowns of the universe makes it extremely difficult...

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The Universe

Origins of the Universe 1.Identify the current theory of the formation of the universe. The big bang theory. 2.Describe the Doppler effect. The Doppler Effect is when waves moving away from you have a longer wavelength (lowpitch) and waves moving towards you have a shorter wavelength (high pitch) 3.Explain how the Doppler effect gives us information about the movement of stars andgalaxies. Stars moving away from us are red shifted (light of longer wavelength) while stars movingtowards us are...

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The Universe

For almost one hundred years, we have known that the universe is expanding. We have traced this expansion back in time, through to the very beginning when the universe occupied an infinitesimal point in space. This was the state of the universe at time t=0, over 13 billion years ago. It is from this starting point that everything we are familiar with came into existence: protons, neutrons, stars, galaxies - even space and time itself are here. At time t=0, this point began an unprecedented inflation...

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Our Universe

Our Universe Our universe was created billions of years ago and no one is exactly sure of how. What will come of it in the future? Religions, beliefs, and scientists all have different perspectives of what will happen in the future to our earth and universe and they all have different views of how it all started. Once we know definitely how the earth was created, then we will find out most of the mysteries of the planets evolution. There are many different thoughts of what is to come of our earth...

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Age of the Universe

Age of the Universe The age of the universe is said to be about 13.75 billion years old. The method used in determining this age would be attempting to find the age of chemical elements, oldest star clusters, as well as white dwarf stars. Scientists also try to find the universes rate of expansion, and behavior of globular clusters, which are spherical collection of stars. In order to find this, scientists can use radioactive decay to determine how old a given mixture of atoms is in rock samples...

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Studying the Universe

STUDYING THE UNIVERSE * Before 1610, people viewed celestial bodies with their naked eyes. * In 1610 Galileo Galilei first used a telescope to observe celestial bodies. * In the following centuries, astronomers developed more powerful telescopes. * However, details gathered by means of scientific instruments were not enough to satisfy scientists. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS * Scientists have developed advance equipment in order to explore Earth and other celestial bodies closely...

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The Creation of the Universe

The Creation of the Universe In my short life on this planet I have come to question things that many take upon blind faith. We all know that we must some day die; yet we continuously deny the forces at work inside ourselves, which want to search out the answers of what may or may not come after. It is far easier for humanity to accept that they will go to a safe haven and be rewarded for their lives with pleasures and fantasies of an unfathomable scale than to question the existence...

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Universe and Child

those impressions. They will first learn the essential forms and then after working with concrete materials again and again. Then the child will find out new and deeper type of knowledge and universal ideas which will eventually become the key to the universe. For example: a child learns about shapes in geometric cabinet and will later discover that his environment was filled with circles, squares and triangles. The teacher can do the following activities from different areas to extend the child’s knowledge...

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Evalution of the Universe

Evolution of the Universe Mary Benton, Kenneth Mascis, Desire’e Ruegsegger, Carina Vega GLG/150 April 22, 2013 Phyl Amadi Evolution of the Universe Intro The evolution of earth will always remain a mystery. However, there is many scenarios and evidence to help understand the evolution of earth, its sun, planets, and the moon. The paper will derscribe how the earth and its atmosphere evolved with the help of other bodies. Which includes a discription of the formation...

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Plato's Universe

Plato’s Universe (Chapters 1 & 2) By: Gregory Vlastos SUMMARY Vlastos begins by talking about the word cosmos and its origins. The Greek word kosmeo meaning to set in order became kosmos which had a moral connotation until the Presocratics such as Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes and other physiologoi gave the word a physical application that was composed of the Earth, sun, moon, stars and everything in between. Heraclitus was the first person on record to use the word cosmos with its newest...

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Universe Essay

Nicole Oshan 3/10/2011 ENG 493 Infinite Cosmos and the Wonderful Amazement The Universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists, including all physical matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space. To ponder over the vastness that we on Earth are suspended in is, quite frankly, amazing. To be able to inspire this awe and amazement in people through writing is an even greater feat. Carl Sagan, the author of “Pale Blue Dot,” uses...

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The Heat Death of the Universe

death of the universe Our knowledge of the universe is still negligible, and we can not confidently assert that the universe is not under the influence of external forces, or may be considered as a thermodynamic system. However, it is the concept of heat death was the first step to realize the possible finiteness of the Universe, although we do not know when and on what scenario will happen of its destruction. At the present stage of existence (13.72 billion years), the universe radiates as a...

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Large Scale Universe

Large Scale Universe to Milky Way SCI/151 07/07/12 Cosmology, as defined by Encarta Dictionary is “the philosophical study of the nature of the universe.” This concern with viewing the universe and its vast issues and meaning takes the mind into a mysterious spectrum. The very foundation of Cosmology began with Astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1929. He discovered that other galaxies existed in the universe and determined that these galaxies were moving away from each other at a rate that was constant...

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The Universe Next Door

your life. Assumptions T, PT, F, etc. reality is everyone’s own perception of world. Foundation on which we lived expressed by words and actions. We all take some position whether we realize it or not, Chapter 2 Clockwork Universe: Natualism How did theism get replaced with deism? Deism came about to replace chaos with unity of theological and philosophical explanations. Shift from scriptures to reason or human intuition (inner light). Started studying world form...

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The Theory of Parallel Universes

Michal Pogorzelski 5/25/10 Parallel Universe Theories The Theory of Parallel Universes The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes. A variety of different theories lend themselves to a multiverse viewpoint. Not all physicists really believe that these universes exist. Even fewer believe that it would ever be possible...

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The Heat Death of the Universe

if it were their own “little world”, creating tunnel vision to the array of the actual real world and all the things that occur in it. Pamela Zoline addresses this and many other issues in the short story, “The Heat Death of the Universe”. This piece reports the abstract, somewhat crazy thoughts, of the world from an ordinary housewife to the reader. At first, these thoughts appear to be coming from a severely confused and mentally unstable person, with no point what so ever...

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Universe and Surface Area

graph in polar coordinates if you spell out θ [as theta!] 5. In Cosmology, the ratio of the sizes of the Universe at two different times is measured by a 1 function of time called the “scale function”, denoted a(t). What are the units of a(t)? The [first] Friedmann Equation [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedmann equations] relates this function to the energy density of the Universe and to its spatial curvature. In a particular cosmological model, 2 the Friedmann equation takes the form...

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Summary of the Universe in a Nutshell

Newton. Newton, and the laws which he advocated, are virtually the main fixture of our course. His perspective of a flat universe with a timeline that spanned infinitely forward and backward had become outdated. Questions and Concerns: I had trouble getting over the seemingly hard headedness of Einstein in the matter of Quantum Theory (unpredictability) and an expanding universe. Red Dwarf Link: In episode 102: Future Echoes the crew see images of the near and distant future as the ship accelerates...

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Theories of the Origin of the Universe.

describes the early development and shape of the universe. The Big Bang Theory is the most accepted theory for the origin and evolution of our universe. The big bang theory states that at some time in the distant past there was nothing. It suggests that around 10 to 14 billion years ago, the part of the universe we can see today was only a few millimetres across. According to this theory, at the beginning of time, all of the matter and energy in the universe was concentrated in a very dense state, from...

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Universe and Creepy Stalker Wall

right? (Or we can imagine it.) Your crush finally agrees to go out with you, and somehow everything is different. The whole world seems to disappear, and it's just the two of you prancing through fields and ignoring the imminent destruction of the universe. Or the stairs. Chapter 5 Love Daisy Buchanan> Quote 6 Suddenly, with a strained sound, Daisy bent her head into the shirts and began to cry stormily. "They're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her voice muffled in the think folds. "It...

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Worldview: Universe and God

The nature of the universe is what an individual believe in whatever worldview the individual lives. The nature of the universe is explained in several different religions people live their life believing. If on the other hand the conception taken as a foundation of the system is that the great inclusive unity is the world itself, or the universe, God is swallowed up in the unity, which may be designated nature. Panthesim.2013. The connection with nature and the universe is God. God created nature...

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Cyclical Vibrations and the Moral Universe

Cyclical Vibrations & The Moral Universe Tandi E. Marth PHI208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor F. Escobar 01.28.2013 Atheism is thought to be an immoral practice by many a religious folk. “Rational atheism values the truths of science and the power of reason, but the principle of freedom stands above both science and religion” (Shermer, 2007). Humanity is bound by the control of organized and man-made religion, and this is a fact that remains present throughout the history of civilization...

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From the Large Scale Universe to the Milky Way

From the Large Scale Universe to The Milky Way Jason Norton SCI/151 Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich May 28, 2012 Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole. Describe the foundation of modern cosmology. Cosmology is the branch of study in relation to the origin and nature of the universe (Farlex, 2012). The thoughts...

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The Different Theories Of How The Universe Was Created.

Theories Of How The Universe Was Created. There has always been a question that no one has ever been able to answer, and probably will not answer for a very long time. This question is how did the universe, and more specifically, earth, become to be what it is today. For hundreds of years many people were convinced that a higher power created the earth, that their god just willed earth to become, and it became. There are many different theories as to how and why the universe came to be as it is...

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From the Large Scale Universe to the Milky Way

From the Large-Scale Universe to the Milky Way Paper SCI/ 151 August 4, 2014 Ellis Hodgdon Cosmology is the study of universe as a whole and the foundation of modern cosmology is that at one point in the past all the universe existed in one area. The Big Bang Theory was created to understand and explain how the universe came to be formed. According to the Big Bang Theory about 15 million years ago there was a giant explosion that pushed all matter in space outward and...

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Mere Christianity; Write and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe

Write and Wrong As a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe The book ‘Mere Christianity is broken down into four different books, each containing its own chapters. Book one is named ‘Right and The Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of Life’. This book contains five chapters. It explains what the Law of Nature is, and how it is seen by people. Also explaining the past, present and forever meaning of how we act by the law and how it differs from other “natural laws.” In the first chapter; ‘The Law of...

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Across The Universe Analysis

Across the Universe Analysis Singer: The Beatles (band) Tone: Determined in Jude’s own belief which is his world will not change no matter what. He is full of hope in the future that one day the people will get the freedom and free from the government control. Bright and optimistic. Even under such a chaotic society, he still believes that it will stop someday. Volume: Soft His mind is still very peaceful which indicates his world is very peaceful as well which creates a strong contrast between...

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Across the Universe

Across the Universe The movie begins with man but the name of Jude (a reference to the title of the Beatles’ song Hey Jude) who starts to sing Girl. Suddenly the movie progresses and shows a scene where you meet, at what seems to be like a school dance, Lucy (a reference to the Beatles’ song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) and her boyfriend Daniel and she is singing Tell me I’m the Only One. Then it transitions to Liverpool to what seems to be an underground bar, which is considered to be an allusion...

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Scientific Revolution- Ap Euro

How did the developments in scientific thought from Copernicus to Newton create a new conception of the universe and of humanity’s place within it? The Scientific Revolution was a time of scientific questioning in which tremendous discoveries were made about the Earth. It has been referred to as “the real origin both of the modern world and the modern mentality” (Mckay, 596) and caused the foremost change in the world-view. This revolution occurred for many reasons. Universities were established...

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Critically evaluate the design argument

Critically evaluate the design argument The design argument, also known as the teleological argument essentially means that the universe and everything within it has a specific design and purpose. (Perry, Bratman, Fischer 57) The Greek term; ‘telos’ is the derivative form of teleology which means end or purpose. This argument is entirely a posteriori and we learn about the existence of God through experience and empirical knowledge. This argument was developed by Thomas Aquinas and his fifth version...

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Hume about natural religion and how to connected to other authors

with teachings of other philosophers. Demea says that existence of God is obvious, no one can deny it, but our understanding has limits and we cannot go beyond it in order to figure out the essence of God. Then, Demea starts to persuade that our universe operates by means of cause and effect, thus there must be first cause that moves everything. Philo agrees with it – causes allow people to understand what the things are, but there is nothing that causes God to be, and again he refers to claim that...

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An Essay on Man

Enlightenment. People during this era reflected about a variety of topics. Some people concerned themselves with the issue of God, which consequently caused many to question the church. Others were concerned with the organization of the Universe, and man's place within that Universe. Often times, a literary work can reflect the thoughts and feelings of the society during the period in which it was written. In "An Essay on Man," Pope effectively illustrates the major concerns of the people during the Enlightenment...

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Design Argumen

directs the universe and sustainable human life, which is unintelligent or contingent. Contingent means something that relies on something else to exist. The universe relies on the intelligent being (God) to direct it. This demonstrates that the argument is teleological as it comes from the Greek word ‘telos’ meaning end. The teleological argument relates to Aquinas’s argument as the intelligent being (God) directs everything for a purpose to the end. Without the intelligent being, the universe wouldn’t...

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Outline and Assess the Key Design Argument of the Existence of God

principles and elements must owe its origin…of Zeus’. The design argument considers a number of issues for example; why is the universe the way that it is? As expected, it has undergone many different transformations that have transformed it into a theistic argument (on that seeks to prove the existence of the God of classical theism). It suggests that certain aspects in the universe are adapted to fulfil their purpose, therefore being deliberately designed by an intelligent designer. There are numerous...

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naming of the most difficult trick in yo-yoing – “the Universe”. The simple name of the trick has a deeper meaning than the trick itself. The fact that Frank constantly struggles with this trick corresponds with his struggle to control the outcome of his life. Other people have always dictated his life, whether by moving from state to state, being forced to work in various odd jobs, or switching schools. He has no way to control, or master the universe because it is beyond him and out of his control....

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Four Pillars of Big Bang Theory

theory is perhaps the greatest discovery of all time. The Big Bang is a cosmological model that explains how the universe came to be and is based on known and well-tested laws of physics. However, the Big Bang theory does not explain why the universe was created. Three particular observations led scientists to believe in the standard hot Big Bang model: The expansion of the universe, the cosmic background of radiation and the abundance of light elements. Before these discoveries were made, the...

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The Telescope

The Telescope (Reflecting) Introduction: The true beauty of the universe cannot be seen by just the naked eye, the telescope is controversially the most important optical instrument in history. Telescopes are widely used around the world and come in different shapes, sizes and go by a variety of different names. They can be used to detect noise and sound and even be used to study the stars and supernovas but are more commonly used to gain another perspective into space, watching planets such...

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Big Bang Theory

Speech: The Big Bang Theory How did the universe begin? How did matter come to exist? We all know that the universe exists, however, this knowledge alone has not satisfied mankind’s quest for further knowledge and understanding. Much time has been spent looking for some clues. Most of what we know is still only a speculation. The three topics I’d like to discuss are what exactly the Big Bang theory is, the first atoms, and the age of the universe. What exactly is the Big Bang theory? “Fifteen...

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Examine the cosmological argument for t

 Examine the cosmological argument for the existence of God? The key idea in cosmological arguments is that the world, the universe, and everything in them are dependent on something other than themselves for their existence. In other words, cosmological arguments attempt to justify God's existence on the assumption that nothing can come from nothing, and that God must exist in order for anything to be here. Although the cosmological argument was expressed by Aquinas it was originally introduced...

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The Solar System Chapter 1

1) What do we mean by a geocentric universe? Contrast a geocentric view with our modern view of the universe. Geocentric describes the idea that everything revolved around Earth, compared to modern knowledge that everything revolves around the Sun (our star). 2) Briefly describe the major levels of structure (such as planet, star, galaxy) in the universe. Planet: (a) Orbits a star, (b) large enough for its own gravity to make it round, (c) has cleared most other objects from its orbital...

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The Design Argument

i) Explain the prominent features of the design argument ii) Comment on the view that the design argument provides coherent explanation for the universe. The design argument is the argument for the existence of God based around the idea that the universe is designed and if it has been designed then there must have been a designer and therefore that designer must be God. Like the cosmological argument it is an a posteriori argument, which means that it relies upon empirical evidence (evidence...

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How John Donne uses the prevelant theories of Astronomy (Copernican and Ptolemaic) in his poetry.

understanding of the structure of our universe. We know that the earth is round, is the third planet from the sun, and the sun is the center of our universe. We also know that the space around our universe simply goes on forever - it is infinite. We know a great deal more, but these are the basics, and it is these fundamental facts that took humans so long to truly understand. It took mankind thousands of years of study and observation to accurately know the universe, and throughout those years, many...

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The Big Bang Theory: Kills God or Proof of Something Greater?

is most commonly known as the “Big Bang”. Most people believe the Big Bang Theory proves the existence of a universe without a creator but as most prominent scientists dig deeper, they are finding the universe is too complex to NOT have a creator, or Intelligent Designer. It has been said many times that before the twentieth century no astronomer could do anything but assume the universe had existed forever without a single change. They could only assume it was created in its perfectly present...

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Explain Aristotle's understanding of the Prime Mover

first started noticing the constant changes around him, which led him to question the existence and the purpose of the world, universe and the things around us. He examined that everything that exists was in a permanent state of 'movement' or 'motion'. By 'motion' Aristotle was linking it to the Greek word 'motus' which refers to change. He noticed that everything in the universe is in a state of change, for example, the weather and seasons are always changing. Even the human body is going through the...

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The Evolution of Mathematics of Celestial Motion

becomes clear that mathematics was the driving force that guided us through the evolution of celestial motion. One of the first to theorize the motion of both terrestrial and celestial bodies was Aristotle around 330BCE. To this philosopher, the universe had always been eternally geocentric. On Earth the concept of motion was, not only linear but, relatable to the material that was in motion. Aristotle theorized that the world was composed of only four basic building blocks; Air, Fire, Water, and...

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Eastern and Western thoughts. This poem is basically about Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. He has learned about Brahma through the Bhagavad-Gita and other Hindu Scriptures. This poem basically explains about divine relationship and the unity of the universe. The poem is laid in four stanzas. In the first stanza, the poet expresses the continuity of life. We believe that there is no life after death. However, Emerson says that Brahma is the creator of life and he could re-create life. The continuity...

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Doppler Effect (Simplified)

Doppler Effect Predicts the Future of Universe Have you ever observed a speeding Car? What do you observe of the Sound it produces? The Sound of the Car increases as it approaches you, takes highest peak when close to you, and recedes as it speeds away from you! Why do you hear a varying sound level as the car speeds by you? Couldn’t have the sound been at constant level? Wondering what makes the sound behave like that? Sound is a disturbance caused in a particle medium, which is propagated...

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Dark Matter, Dark Energy

other. These theories explain the observed increase in expansion rate of the Universe as well as explain why galaxies remain intact despite the apparent lack of sufficient mass to affect the gravitational forces needed for cohesion, especially when considering that galaxies rotate at speeds that should disperse their stellar composition away from its core. Dark Matter Dark Introduction Our understanding of the Universe is ever evolving as new discoveries are made, challenging what we have always...

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Mere Christianity Précis

The Law of Human Nature is not about what serves one’s own interests or what is helpful to them. (19-20) C. Lewis explains materialism, the belief that the universe has always existed and was not created, and the mathematical values of chance; and spiritualism, that there is a presence behind the universe, a supreme being brought the universe into existence with a clear purpose of creating other beings similar to itself. (21-22) D. Lewis states that science can’t explain the Law of Human Nature...

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William Harvey

existence of God based on what we experience of the world and universe we live in. • establish what caused everything to be here, or how the world and the universe began. Aquinas • Ways 1&2; unmoved mover & uncaused causer • Concerned with why there is any motion or causation ; Copleston called this an ‘ontologically ultimate cause’ • First mover which causes everything else to exist • God is the first efficient cause of the universe • Rejects infinite regression • God is a pure act • Way...

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Unit 5 Galaxies and Cosmology

signals by accident Reber built the first radio telescope in his backyard Hubble proved the island universe theory correct AND found the universe was expanding Messier defended the “big galaxy theory” in the 1920 NSF debate Cosmology: The study of the origin, structure, and evolution of the universe when the universe was first formed matter consisted of quark-gluon plasma the early universe was radiation dominated the first force to appear after the big bang was gravity and it took 10^-43...

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big band theory

idea that the universe was essentially unchanging. However ,this theory does not fit with the universe phenomena which change from minute to minute, and stars and galaxies might be born and die .In this report , we will look at one of the famous theories and greatest discoveries of this century . 1. Background 1. What is the Big Bang Theory The big bang is a theory which describes how our universe started . Many discoveries in physics and astronomy tell us that our universe in fact had a...

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Life Cycle of a Star (Gcse Level)

much matter so a black hole is formed. Second is the collapse in to a neutron star. A neutron star is a very small star (compared to a normal sized star). And it is able to utilize carbon burning. The beginning of the universe There are many theories of the beginning of the universe but the most predominant theory is the theory of the big bang. The big bang theory says that in the beginning there was one point of heat the size of an atom. And in this primordial atom there was matter and anti-matter...

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Astronomy Paper

A Cyclic Universe: A New Model to Rival the Big Bang Theory Phys 1070- Astronomy Topical Essay Motivated by the M-theory, space-time ‘branes’ and extra-dimensions, scientists Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok introduce a tantalizing alternative to the prevailing standard Big Bang-Inflation model of cosmology. Traditionally, the Big Bang-Inflation model features an explosive epoch 15 billion years ago when time and space sprung into existence followed by a fraction of a second of superluminal expansion...

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Practical Report: Big Bang Theory

Year 10 Science Practical Report Big Bang Theory Introduction According to the scientific community, all the matter in the universe began in a very tiny, hot and compacted point. But what exactly caused this point to become the universe we know today? The “big bang” theory is the popular explanation for where the galaxies, stars and planets came from. At the moment of the big bang, the hot, compact point began expanding like a balloon, rather than an actual explosion like most people believe...

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Why I believe in God

have been created by an intelligent Creator. I agree with the latter statement, and am writing this to articulate some of the reasons behind why I believe in God. Atheism is sometimes portrayed as being more logical than believing God created the universe, but I think that belief in God, or Theism, is at least equally logical, and perhaps more logical than Atheism. I will be presenting three arguments supporting belief in God: the Scientific Argument, the Moral Argument, and the Practical Argument...

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astronomy paper

this week: Ch. 1–4 of The Essential Cosmic Perspective. Term or concept Definition and explanation The Universe 1. What is Earth’s Sun, and what is its role in the solar system? 2. What is the Milky Way galaxy and the sun’s position in it? 3. What is the Big Bang, and what does it say about the age of the universe? 4. What is meant by the phase “looking out in the universe is looking back in time?” 1. The earth’s sun is a star, it generates heat and light through nuclear fusion. ...

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Li Po Taoism

 Li Po’s “Fighting South of the Ramparts” as it Relates to Taoism and the Universe Li Po has been acclaimed as one of China’s greatest poets of all time during the Tang Dynasty and “Golden Age of China”. Branded as a rebel with nomadic tendencies, Li Po was known for his love and adoration of wine and revelry. In 745, he was initiated into the Taoist religion and began to write poems supporting his growing interest in Taoism. To understand the significance of some of his writings like “Fighting...

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Big Bang vs. God

Table of Contents Introduction Have you ever wondered how the world came about? Throughout time people have asked the questions: How did our universe begin? How old is our universe? How did matter come to exist? Obviously these are not simple questions and throughout our brief history on this planet much time and effort has been spent looking for some clue. Yet, after all this energy has been expanded, much of what we know is still only speculation. An individual personal facts are lead...

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