SC235 Unit 3 Project Gallant

Topics: Plant, Houseplant, Root Pages: 3 (516 words) Published: April 21, 2015
SC235 General Biology
House Plant Experiment
Do Water Solutions Effect Growth?

Hanna Gallant

For this assignment I have chosen to look at the Salvia plant. I like house plants better because it brightens up my home and I feel they require somewhat less work than my outside garden does and I can more closely monitor them for pests, disease and other issues that may arise. I chose the Salvia plant because it is a fairly common house plant that is easy to care for and produces wonderful blooms. When I made the cuttings from these plants I wanted to pick a plant that I knew could withstand being cut and inserted into different water solutions. I found this to be the most important part of choosing which plant to use. There are some plants that from the beginning are easily stressed and do not do well with trimmings or cuttings. The Salvia plant that I have selected is regarded as being hardy and sturdy when it comes to change. I tried my best to make each cutting the same in length, which was right around two to three inches long making sure to keep the leaves intact as much as possible. Although the Salvia plant is hardy and does regrow fairly well it does have a tendency to be sensitive, in that it does not do well in direct heat or sun and although it is in full bloom I wanted to give it the best chance of surviving this experiment as possible thus it will serve as my control when combined with the bottled water solution. This plant produces a reddish orange flower and has leaves that are fairly large in comparison with the flowers itself and they are spaced out evenly up and down the stem of the cutting. I anticipate seeing change happen in all the cuttings, but the most change I expect to see is from the cutting that is in the vinegar/water solution. Most plants do not do well with vinegar because it has a tendency to cause shock to the root system and can cause burns on the leaves. That is why getting the ratio amount is going to be...
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