Lab Experiment: Effect of Amount of Water on Plant Growth

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What Amount of Water Grows the Plant the Longest?

Daniel Rivera
Alfonso Pineda
Mrs. Fraijo
AP Biology
10 June 2012

In this experiment, 8 plants will be tested. Each except one plant (which will be the control group) will receive a certain amount of water starting at 0 teaspoons of water. Each plant will receive 1 more teaspoon than the previous cup, so it would be increasing. For example, cup 4 will have 4 teaspoons of water and cup 3 would have 3. The data recorded will be the length the plant grows up to. Goal:

The goal in this experiment is to see what amount of water grows the plant to its longest length. Background:
The amount of water for growing a plant has always been questioned regarding how much of it is most effective to grow the plant to its greatest potential. Too little water will not effectively grow the seed because it would require more water for photosynthesis. If there is not enough water, photosynthesis will not occur as much and will not produce as much C6H12O6 (sugar) it needs to construct cellulose for its cell walls (its structure), produce ATP (energy) molecules from respiration, and make organic molecules. Too much water would also be dangerous for the plant because oxygen wouldn't be able to get through the overwatered soil and get to the roots, thus suffocating them. Oxygen is vital for respiration, the process of making energy (ATP) for the plant. Also, overwatering can kill the seed by drowning it and making its tissue fragile to rotting, not even growing the plant. From these researched observations, it can be assumed that the in-between amounts of water are favorable to the growth of the seed and plant lifespan. Hypothesis:

The intermediate amounts of water will grow the plants the best, since too little water won't grow the plant much and too much will drown the seed.

To begin this experiment, you need to get 8 cups. For every cup, put soil in it. For every cup, put enough soil to...

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