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NT2580 Project Part 1

By kells1986 Aug 05, 2014 348 Words
The following document outlines Richman Investments security measures for IT infrastructure. There are many components that make up the Richman Investments network, and so there should be a multi-layered security solution to protect it. The server room has been located in the central part of the building, and will be physically protected by electronic door locks with keypad combination access. There are a limited number of personnel who will have access to this room in order to decrease the potential for tampering. Each of these personnel will have their own access code, and a digital log will be kept of all access.

All of the servers will be virtual, and a backup of each server will be refreshed weekly and saved to cloud storage. All company data will be backed up and saved to cloud storage daily. All users requiring remote access will have a VPN set up with strict login requirements. These users will also have their laptops checked by the IT department on a monthly basis to ensure that they are in compliance with company security policy.

Access to the company network will be secured by multiple firewalls set up with our routers. Firewall filters will be set up with a specific list of allowed users and programs. All other traffic will be blocked by default until it has been approved by IT. There will be a limited number of wireless access points around the building, with password access. These passwords will be changed on a regular basis. Access to the local network will be secured by user authentication passwords. Users will be limited to only the system resources that they absolutely need to complete their work. Users’ passwords must be changed every 90 days.

Each workstation will be set up to automatically lock the screen after 3 minutes of no use. Employees will be trained on how to keep their workstations and network credentials secure. Under no circumstances are employees to use flash drives or any type of external storage brought from home. Any network equipment required by employees will be provided by the IT department.

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