Chemistry week 3 lab

Topics: Nasal irrigation, Intravenous therapy, Saline Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Laboratory 3: Molarity Of Saline Solution
Data: Please write your observations about the appearance of the solution. 1. Normal Saline- The solution appeared clear at the start with slight particles showing, once adding the salt it still appeared clear. 2. Nasal Irrigation Saline- Solution appeared cloudy once adding the salt and baking soda, then it turned semi-clear about 30 secs later; it was more concentrated than the normal saline. Results:

1. Determine the molar mass of NaCl. Show the workup.
Na= 23g/moleCl= 35g/mole
Molar mass of NaCl 23g/mole+35g/mole= 58g/mole

2. Determine the molarity of the two solutions you prepared in terms of NaCl. Show the workup. Normal Saline
M=Mole/L of NaCl
Mass= .9g NaCl
.9g=1mole/58g= .015 moles/L

Nasal Irrigation Saline
1.23g=1mole NaCl/58g= 71.34 moles/L

3. The University of Wisconsin recommends that if stinging or burning occurs, than individuals should cut the amount of salt in half for the solution and decrease frequency of use to every other day. How does that affect the concentration of the solution? When salt is decreased the concentration of the solution measured will also be decreased. This would also decrease the burning and stinging. When the solution is decreased to every other day it could prevent acidosis.

4. Compare and contrast the solutions in terms of their sterility and potential uses. Both solutions must be sterile because both could be put into a human body. Normal Saline is used in an IV so it enters the blood, you wouldn’t want the Nasal Irrigation in your IV so making sure you are using the correct solution is vital. With the Nasal Irrigation solution it can be used in a Nedi Pot so if the solution mixture is not sterile bacteria could enter the brain.

5. Why should saline for irrigation never be used for intravenous uses? If the irrigation solution is used in an IV, entering the veins/blood it would burn the person becoming to hypertonic. The...
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