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2. A single tube of cerebrospinal fluid is received in the laboratory and the following tests requested: total protein, albumin, IgG quantitation, microbial culture, Gram stain, leukocyte count and differential cell count. The specimen should be sent to the various laboratories in which order?

a. Chemistry lab, hematology lab, microbiology lab
b. Hematology lab, chemistry lab, microbiology lab
c. Microbiology lab, hematology lab, chemistry lab
d. Hematology lab, microbiology lab, chemistry lab

3. You need to prepare a 1 to 4 (1:4 or ¼) dilution of a serum specimen using saline before analysis. Which of the following pipetting steps would result in this dilution?

a. Pipet 0.5 mL serum, then add 1.0 mL saline
b. Pipet 1.0 mL serum, then add 2.0 mL saline
c. Pipet 1.5 mL serum, then add 4.5 mL saline
d. Pipet 2.0 mL serum, then add 5.0 mL saline

4. The major components of a spectrophotometer are represented in the following diagram. Which component determines the factor “b” in Beer’s law, A=abc?


a. Component A
b. Component B
c. Component C
d. Component D

5. At pH of 7.4, which of the enzymes listed catalyzes the following reaction?

Pyruvate + NADH lactate + NAD

a. Lactate oxidase
b. Lactate dehydrogenase
c. Pyruvate kinase
d. Pyruvate decarboxylase

6. pH 8.6 is used for serum protein electrophoresis so that

a. All serum proteins will have a net negative charge
b. All serum proteins will have a net positive charge
c. Electroendosmosis is avoided
d. Heat production is minimized

7. Osmolality measurements determine the

a. Activity of ions per kilogram of solvent
b. Grams of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent
c. Moles of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent
d. Equivalents of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent

8. Which of the following formulas can be used to calculate serum osmolality?

a. 2.5 x Na+
b. Na+ + K+ + Cl- + CO2 content
c. (1.86 x Na+) + (1/18 x glucose) + (1/2.8 x BUN) + 9
d. (Na+ + K+) – (Cl- + HCO3)

11. A serum sample is diluted 1 to 3 (1:3) before analysis and the following results obtained:

Total protein- 4.1 g/dLAlbumin- 1.5 g/dL

Which total protein concentration should be reported?

a. 4.1 g/dL
b. 8.2 g/dL
c. 12.3 g/dL
d. 16.4 g/dL

16. Review the following serum test results:

Creatinine2.5 mg/dL(0.75 – 1.5 mg/dL)
Cholesterol220 mg/dL(/= 126 mg/dL
b. A serum glucose /= 200 mg/dL at anytime
d. A serum glucose >/= 200 mg/dL at 2h after an oral glucose dose

38. If LDL receptors are non-functional due to disease, the plasma level of which lipid would increase the most?

a. Fatty acids
b. Cholesterol
c. Cholesterol esters
d. Triglycerides

39. Which of the following serum protein electrophoresis patterns is most typical of the nephrotic syndrome?

Albumin alpha1alpha2betagamma
c. normalnormal
d. normal

40. Which analyte is most likely to be elevated in a specimen drawn 2 hours after an uncomplicated myocardial infarction?

a. CK – MB (CK – 2)
b. Myoglobin
c. Troponin I
d. Troponin T
41. Which of the following serum results correlates best with the rapid cell turnover associated with chemotherapy treatment regimens?

a. Creatinine of 2.5 mg/dL
b. Potassium of 5.0 mmol/L
c. Urea nitrogen of 30 mg/dL
d. Uric acid of 10.0 mg/dL

42. Which set of serum electrolyte results (in mmol/L) is most likely obtain from serum with an elevated lactate level?

a. 1254.510010
b. 1353.59528
c. 1454.09015
d. 1505.011030

43. The following arterial blood gas results are obtained:

pCO253 mmHg
pO275 mmHg
HCO3-26 mmol/L

These results correlate best with patient experiencing

a. Metabolic acidosis
b. Metabolic alkalosis
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