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Topics: Pharmacology, Cocaine, Dose Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: December 4, 2014
St. Paul’s School of Nursing
Drug Dosage Competency Exam Sample

1. The child has a prescription for a medication in the amount of 5 mL, 3 times a day, before meals. The discharge nurse explains to the parent that 5 mL is equivalent to ___1 tsp____________in the household system.

2. The patient is to receive 2000 mL of fluid daily. This is equal to _83______mL per hour.

3. The physician orders a drug in a dosage of 0.5 mg, by mouth, once a day. The drug is available in 250 mcg tablets. Give the patient __2______tab(s).

4. A drug is available in powdered form. It must be reconstituted by adding 10 ml sterile water to the vial. The resulting concentration is 125 mg per mL. The patient is to receive 200 mg. Give the patient __1.6_____mL.

5. Administer morphine sulfate 6 mg, IM, q 4 h PRN. Morphine sulfate is available as 10 mg per mL. Administer __0.6______mL.

6. The patient is to receive an IV infusion at 150 mL per hour. Using an administration set with a 15 drop factor tubing, set the flow rate at ___38______drops/min.

7. The patient is to receive an IV piggyback medication in a volume of 200 mL to infuse in 75 minutes. Using an infusion pump, set the flow rate at __160_______mL/hr.

8. A drug in a dosage of 125 mg every 8 hours is ordered for a child weighing 28 lb. The recommended dose is 15-30 mg/kg/day, in 3 divided doses. Is this a safe dose? 63.5-127 mg/dose Validate your answer by identifying the safe dosage range (per dose)

9. A solution of 8,000 units of heparin in 250 mL D5W is to infuse at 900 units per hour. In order to deliver this hourly dose, set the infusion pump at __28_____mL/hr.

10. A patient who weighs 150 lb. is to receive dopamine 3 mcg/kg/min via IV infusion. The IV solution contains dopamine 100 mg in 200 mL D5W. Set the infusion flow rate at ___25________mL/hr.
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