Sasa Background

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Sasa company is established in 1978.It is to be provided with leader position’s toiletry retail sale bloc in Asia. Sasa Company has about 240 of retail sale shops and counters in Asia area. Otherwise, in Asia, there have six main markets in Hong Kong, Mainland, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Macau. Also Sasa Company hired around 4000 employees. It sells more about 600 brands products, include skin-care product, perfume, toiletry, hairlogist, body-care product and beauty nutrition is very popular in Asia because in Sasa there have more choice to give customer to buy, sometimes Sasa also will agent some of the brand for only their company to sell out to attract more customers to buy their products. Sasa’s target customers include young female, lady and family(daily product),man, actually Sasa’s products are suitable for great majority people to use, most of the type for their product is skin-care product, it is useful for children, female and man so Sasa have a large target customers to make this company be more popular in these years.

The position that we have selected in Sasa Company is buyer. Buyer is a very important position in a company, it decide what, which product the company will sell in the market so buyer must very clear about what the customers need in the market what type of product will attract more. After to confirm which type or which brand of the product the company should choose, buyer have to talk with the brand company about the authority of agency, include the price, the time-limit, etc..
So buyer must have a good connect skill with people and the sense of responsibility.

There have a vacancy in Sasa company because this position’s requests are very high and lots companies are need this position mostly, most the company they have be deficient in buyers, because the candidate must have more experience in similar job in the past so just can handle this job well and truly, also the candidate must have a good language culture to

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