Unit 7

Topics: Employment, Problem solving, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: February 1, 2014
Unit 7
Business Skills

Interpersonal skills
There are a few interpersonal skills that are needed in a business and it is very important for any business to survive. There are many different types of interpersonal skills and these are not only used in businesses, but in our everyday lives so that we are able to communicate with different people every day and so that we meet and make new friends. I am going to list the different types of interpersonal skills that help us to communicate with different people in businesses and also in our personal lives. I will be linking these to Kerry’s business and how interpersonal skills help her, her business, the customers that will come into her business and also the employees that work there. I will be giving a brief explanation for each of them.

Confident: Being confident is very important for Kerry’s business because this will help with having good communication with different people. Having confidence in everything that you do will show not only in you but also to the people that you work with and the customers that come into your business will see your confidence. The employees can’t be acting shy and awkward when they are talking to one of the customers that comes into a business they will have to be very professional and show that they have confidence in what they do and who they are going to be communicating and having confidence in the way that you talk is very important so that the customers that come into the business feel comfortable to talk to the employees. However there is a limit to the amount of confidence that the employees show because they need to be able to not be rude and ignorant when they are talking to the customers because that could draw them away instead of helping them.

Knowledge: You need to have a good sense of knowledge about the business and also the products that the business is selling. The employees of the business will have to know everything about the business. This...
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