Samsung Group and Cambodian Mekong University

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Cambodian Mekong University

Individual Assignment










Lee Byung-chul

Headquarters Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea

Area served

Key people




Lee Kun-hee
(Chairman of Samsung Electronics)

Apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, precision instruments, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment

Advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology services, medical services, retail


US$ 247.5 billion (FY 2011)[1]

Net income

US$ 18.3 billion(FY 2011)[1]

Prepared by: Soth Sothea

Year 1 Semester 2

Page 1

Cambodian Mekong University

Individual Assignment

Total assets

US$ 384.3 billion (FY 2011)[1]

Total equity

US$ 159.6 billion (FY 2011)[1]





369,000 (FY 2011)[1]

Samsung Electronics, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung C&T, Samsung SDS, Samsung Techwin etc.


Samsung‟s competence strategies have recently turned into „aggressive chasing‟ by responding quickly to Apple launches. The Apple vs. Samsung ruling put an exclamation mark to Samsung‟s values of Corporate Social Responsibility towards its stakeholder. „Within Samsung where some designers feel the overlooked and undermined, there are calls for a change of lack‟ (Kim, 2012).Samsung designer who didn‟t want to reveal his identity quoted, „Designers have a lot of unique and creative ideas, but these have to be loved by the top decision makers. The problem was because they were so fascinated by Apple design; these ideas weren‟t really satisfactory to please the top leave‟ (Kim, 2012). Samsung executives that refer the issue as „crises of design‟ seem to move on nationally.

The decision making at Samsung appears to be quick, responsive to the demands of market, flexible and meeting the needs of the hour. Samsung‟s mobile chief Shin is optimistic about the future of the company as he guaranteed to proffer extra-ordinary, innovating, and unique products in future at Europe‟s biggest

Prepared by: Soth Sothea

Year 1 Semester 2

Page 2

Cambodian Mekong University

Individual Assignment

electronic show. Shin also credited Samsung‟s extraordinary, elite workforce by calling them „diligent and exemplary‟ (Kim, 2012).



Local: Samsung Electronics Bldg., 1320-10 Seocho-2-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul 137-857 South Korea
Business Strategy:
Samsung appeals to more markets by providing a plethora of gadgets such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. to both low and high-end markets meaning at least one of their products will, presumably, appeal to a person. Samsung has done well in the low-end market, but has only recently begun increasing its presence in the smartphone market and has enjoyed a good amount of success thus far as a result. Samsung is not only the biggest adopter of Google‟s Android software, but they also have smartphones running the Windows Phone OS as well. Samsung‟s flood the market strategy works so well because they are able to not only diversify their hardware, but the software that runs on their smartphones as well. Samsung‟s flood the market strategy works so well because they are able to not only diversify their hardware, but the software that runs on their smartphones as well.

“Working at Samsung has been a truly global experience and tremendous learning opportunity, from professional and personal Strandpoint” (Lindsey Hamilton, 2013)
“I am able to develop a much deeper understanding of the daily operations that fuels the success of the company after transition to a line management” (Chelon Ha, 2013)
“Not only are we one of the world‟s...
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