Safety of Workers at Construction Sites

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Conflicts occur when two or more parties disagree on a particular issue. This paper tends to identify the task conflict in the construction site between the top management and the labors. The issue addressed here is with concern to safety of workers at construction site. Labor shortage is a challenge faced by many countries thus making them dependent on foreign workers. This means management has to take addition care of the foreign workers and their safety. It is often seen that that organization to fulfill their bottom line of maximizing profit tend to compromise on safety of workers at workplace. In this case also it is seen that management had neglected the safety of the workers in order to cut their cost (Milton, 2007). This consequently led to death of an Indian worker. This led to agitation among the thousands of South Asian Workers causing a strike and demanding for better safety facilities at workplace (Aziz, 2013). This led to conflict of interest at workplace as the workers demeaned for better work place safety on the other hand; the management was only interested in cutting down their cost and complication of task. These are two conflicting duties which manager needs to manage and satisfy the top management and the labors. In this case it is seen that the management failed to fulfill their duty of care. Thus the report recommends the management to build Safety Culture in organization and fulfill its duty of care towards the employees.

Conflict of interest between the senior management and their employees The issue for conflict of interest between management and employees was due to lack of Organizational Health & Safety. The employees claimed that the company failed to provide them safe working condition. The reason for strike was to make the top management aware of importance of safety and its consequence if neglected. According to Sapangenberg (2009) construction industry face several risk and safety is one...
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