roles and responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities are defined as rights, obligation and expected duty to be done within the relationship, life long learning is the learning that between any relationship.

1.The Roles and Responsibilities:
The learner will understand the own role and responsibilities in life long learning. All learners ,their progress and development, their goals and aspiration and experience they bring to learning.

A Teacher’s role includes the following

Initial assessment
Preparation and Planning
A Teacher’s role will have a responsibility to
Negotiate individual learning goals with learners
Demonstrate that individual learner needs have been taken into account within a cohort of learners and within the context of personalised learning Establish and maintain a learning environment appropriate to area of expertise and learner cohort. Establish rules that under pin appropriate behaviour and respect for others.


Demonstrate the application of codes of practices and principles of inclusiveness, including respect from confidentiality.

Promote equality and engage with diversity and know how to challenge discriminatory behaviour and attitude.

The teaching is the stuff you should have covered about identifying needs, planning and designing, delivering and facilitating, accessing and finally evaluating before it all starts again.

 Legislation and Codes of Practice

1.1 One should agree the codes of practice and maintain a safe environment. These set of standard highlight that every learner should be included and given a equal chance to succeed and progress. There are many Legislations and codes of Practice that play a vital role in teaching. Here are a few important ones.

a)Health and Safety Legislations.
b)Health & Safety at work Act 2013.
c)Equality Act 2010.
d)Disability discrimination Act (DDA) 1995.
e)Data Protection Act 1998.

DTLLS 6305 PAGE 02 DATE: 23/10/2013

a)Health and Safety Legislations
Health and Safety Legislation is any Law that deals with issues of Health and safety. Often these Laws lay out minimal expectations for maintaining Health and Safety of People employed in a work place.

b)Health & Safety at work Act 2013

It is also referred as HSW Act., is the primary piece of Legislation. The Legislation require a Teacher to assess and manage risk and is usually enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The Teacher must ensure that Pupils are not exposed to Risks to their Health and Safety in School and during Off site visits. The School Management must have a Health and Safety policy and arrangements to implement it. The key elements of the Policy are listed in the 

Health and Safety :Responsibilities and Powers

The School Management must assess the risks of all activities, introduce measures to manage those risks and tell their Teachers/Employees about the measures. The Teachers/Employees must Take reasonable  care of their own and others Health and Safety. Cooperate with their Management to enable compliance with the duties Carry out activities in accordance with Training and instructions. Inform the Management of any serious risk.

Considering my own role as a dentist ,I should be responsible for the comfort of the patient either clinical environment or the treatment which I am giving them.As I said before there are certain elements to be carried out. 1.first aid kit.[incase a patient under dental care has a sudden heart attack,he should e...
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