health and social care level 3

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health and social care level 3
Task b leaflet
Bi Create a leaflet which can be used to support this course

This leaflet must inlcue the following

a) description of the legislation and codes of practise relating to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination.

Current legislation and Codes of Practice may include:
• Equality Act
• Human Rights Act
• Essential Standards
• GSCC Code of Practice

b) The possible consequences for the individual in health and social care workers and others if the legislations and codes of practice are not followed are prosecution, being fined, the organisation you work for into disrepute, being held accountable for your actions and losing your job.

c) A description of how inclusive practice can promote equality and support diversity

ways of promoting equality and diversity is by awareness of own practice, organisational practice and procedures to follow there are formal and informal structures.

Origins of discrimination:
• historical perspectives, eg oppression
• development of prejudice and discrimination Links between prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination:
• beliefs
• actions Types of discrimination can be indirect or direction based on race, gender, age, disability, sexuality etc.

Effects of discriminatory practice:
• physical
• emotional
• intellectual
• social
Inclusive practice can promote equality and support to diversity by reducing the likelihood of discrimination, treating people as individuals and respect individuals differences for mutual respect and to ensure that individuals are active participant in order for them to live their lives as fully as possible. Explain how practices that support diversity, equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination.

Practices that support diversity, quality and inclusion to reduce the likelihood of discrimination may include encouraging everyone to express their views and have them listened to which in turn helps us to

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