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203 task b

By georgiahills7x Apr 17, 2014 281 Words
203 task b.

Direct discrimination is intended by an individual usually due to a person’s background, culture, personality, race, disability, gender, religion, belief, sexual orientation, age. Indirect discrimination refers to applying a provision, criterion or practice which disadvantages people of a particular group. Bii)

Direct discrimination may occur in a care home by a service provider only supporting a female, only support someone of their own culture and refuse to give personal care to males or not include everyone in a group activity. Indirect discrimination may occur in a way whereby a service provider is thinking everyone drinks tea so only offer tea, by giving a service user a shower daily but not offering a bath or see if they would prefer just a wash or not making reasonable adjustment which can exclude individuals with disabilities. Biii)

By supporting an individual’s diversity by recognising their differences and valuing them and their individuality, by supporting individuals equality, treating a person equally, by including them in all group activities and encouraging individuals to express their views and opinions, by not treating anyone differently due to their background, ethnicity, culture, race, age, sexual orientation, personality, disability, religion, beliefs and gender and overall promoting good practice and prevent/stop the likelihood of abuse. Biv)

When we work in an inclusive way we are openly communicating with people by, getting to know what their preferences are and building trust. When a person has someone they trust, they become less of a victim, less likely to be discriminated against. Bv)

Discrimination can be challenged in adult social care settings by providing the appropriate training to make everyone aware of how to prevent and control discrimination.

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