Review of Literature

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Management Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: March 4, 2013

From the study, we have come to know that most of the respondents have job satisfaction; the management has taken the best efforts to maintain cordial relationship with the employees. Due to the working conditions prevailing in this company, job satisfaction of each respondent seems to be the maximum. From the study, we also have come to know that most of the employees were satisfied with the welfare measures provided by R.K.INDUSTRY the employees of R.K.INDUSTRY get more benefits compare to other companies. * The respondents are satisfied with the environment and nature of work factors.

* The respondent’s relationship with the superiors and colleagues are quite good.

* The Respondents are provided with proper welfare facilities.

* The communication and motivation of employees by their superiors in this organization is reasonable.

* The Pay and promotion activities in this organization are also good.

* The Respondents are overall satisfied with their job
* The refreshment facilities are also need to be improved


 Books referred:-

Chhabra. , T. N. Human Resource Management, Dhanpat Rai $Co (P) Ltd. India, ninth edition.

Kothari C.R., Research Methodology, New Delhi; New Age International Publication, second edition.



 “Job satisfaction is a general attitude towards one’s job: the difference between the mount of reward workers receive and the amount they believe they should receive.” -P. Robbins

Job satisfaction defines as “The amount of overall positive affect (or feeling) that individuals have toward their jobs.” -Hugh J. Arnold and Daniel C. Feldman

“Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job. If you like your...
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