Employee Job Satisfaction at Sail

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Executive Summary:

Job Satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of ones job; an affective reaction to one’s job and an attitude towards one’s job. The main objective of this project is to assess the satisfaction level of employees in Bhilai Steel Plant .Job Satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job.it is a relatively recent term since in previous centuries the jobs available to a particular person were often predetermined by the occupation of that person’s parent. The main objective of this project is to identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction of employees. There are a variety of factors that can influence a person’s level of job satisfaction. Some of these factors include the level of pay and benefits, the perceived fairness or the promotion system within a company, the quality of the working conditions, leadership and social relationships, the job itself (the variety of tasks involved, the interest and challenge the job generates, and the clarity of the job description/requirements).To identify the factors which improves the satisfaction level of employees. To know the employee satisfaction towards the facilities. This report discusses the details of analysis of data related to Job Satisfaction.

1.1 Global Steel Scenario & Indian Steel Industry
1.2 Steel Demand in India
1.3 Porter’s five Forces Analysis of the Steel Industry and Firm level Capabilities Analysis8-1 IICOMPANY ANALYSIS
2.1 SAIL –an overview
2.2 Basic concept of industrial marketing at SAIL
2.3 Customers of SAIL
2.4 Organization Structure of SAIL
2.5 Human Resource
2.6 Finance
2.7 SWOT Analysis of the Industry16-28
3.1 Roles and Responsibilities29
4.1 Introduction and background
4.2 Reason for choosing the topic
4.3 Benefits from the Research
4.4 Statement of the problem
4.5 Objective of research
4.6 Scope of the study
4.7 Methodology of the study
4.9 Findings
4.10 Analysis
4.11 Conclusion
4.12 Suggestion30-31
Though Iron and steel have been used by men for almost 6000 years, yet the modern form of iron and steel industry came into being only during the 19th century. The growth and development of iron and steel industry in the world until the second World War was comparatively slower. But the industry has grown very rapidly after the Second World War. World Production of steel, which was only 28.3 million tonnes (MT) in 1900, rose to 695 MT by 1992. The oil crisis of the seventies affected the entire economy of the world including the steel industry. The position started improving after 1983 and peaked at 780 MT in 1989. World Steel production was around 1220 MT in 2009. Historical Background:

There are evidences that man knew the use of Iron since the ancient civilization of Babylon, Mexico, Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome. Archaeological findings in Mesopotamia and Egypt have proved that iron or steel has been in the service of mankind for nearly 6000 years. The origin of the methods used by early man for extracting iron from ores is unknown. In early days the product probably was so relatively soft and unpredictable, that bronze continued to be preferred for many tools and weapons. Eventually iron replaced the nonferrous metal for these purposes when man learned how to master the difficult arts of smelting, forging, hardening, and tempering iron. Iron kept its dominant place for 200 or more years after the Saugas works that was the first successful Iron Works in America founded in 1646. With the advance of Industrial Revolution, iron formed the rails for the newly invented railroads trains. It was also used to armour the sides of the fighting ships. About the...
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