Retailing and Wonderful Expensive Clothes

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, High-heeled footwear Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: May 9, 2013
1. Kate, look it is not our luggage, may be they have muddled something and our bags have gone to another city. 1. God knows where are our bags with wonderful expensive clothes, I suppose we have to declare to the administration of the airport about this accident. 2.But we have a demonstration tomorrow , and five models to dress for a photo shoot. 2. don`t worry baby ,we will find something pretty for them. There are so many places to go shopping in Milan . 3. where would you like to go?

3. I prefer shopping malls. there are many famous chain stores , boutiques and accessory shops. 4. oh, I have never been in such a big shopping mall. It makes me dizzy how many shops are there. 4. where do you think we have to go firstly?

5. let`s begin with the lingerie department. We need to buy seamless bars for models . 5. And we need the cups for the deep cleavage clothes.
6. the choice is great , and i`ll take a silky nightgown for me. 6. don`t forget about stockings, we need three pairs in size 3. 7. now it`s time to go to the knitwear department. What do you think we should take here? 7. Look, the prices are sky-high here. Let`s go to another shop. 8. Oh, yeah. Seven hundred pounds for such a disgusting sweater? They must be kidding! 8. I see our favourite boutique! Look, mannequins wear this season suits. It is exactly what we need! 9. oh my Gosh! I can’t believe my eyes! It is the very sumptuous coat which was at Chanel’s fashion show! 9. Yes, it is. We should buy it by all means. Is it expensive? 10. Oh yes, it cost a pretty penny, but it is Chanel! Let’s buy it. 10. Ok, thank God we have our gold card.

11. But we also need a dress. What do think about that red one? 11. I don’t like these stripes. I think it’s better to choose something plain 12. Like this one? I like the colour - deep blue looks stunning 12. Yes, I think it will fit our model perfectly

13. how do you find this trouser suit?
13. Hmm, it’s not of this season, but it’s very nice and good...
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