Grammar Review

Topics: American Sign Language, Eiffel Tower, Paris Pages: 4 (626 words) Published: July 6, 2015
Grammar Review
Rewrite the sentences correctly or write correct if the sentence is without error(s). 1. The panther lay motionless behind the rocks. Waiting silently for its prey.

2. Mother loved to play all of our favorite games. Canasta, Monopoly, hide and seek, and even kick the can.

3. With machetes, the explorers cut their way through the tall grasses to the edge of the canyon. Then they began to lay out the tapes for the survey.

4. The car was hardly worth trading, the frame was twisted and the block was warped.

5. The next time an event is cancelled because of bad weather, don’t blame the meteorologist, blame nature.

6. Ray was fluent in American Sign Language he could sign as easily as he could speak.

7. Neither the professor nor his assistants (was/were) able to solve the mystery of the eerie glow in the laboratory.

8. Many hours at the driving range (has/have) led us to design gold balls with GPS locators in them.

9. Measles is a contagious disease.
10. Adorning a shelf in the lab is a Vietnamese figurine, a set of Korean clay gods, and an American plastic village.

11. If a driver refuses to take a blood or breath test, he or she will have their licenses suspended for six months.

12. Why should anyone learn a second language? One reason is to sharpen their minds.

13. The Department of Education issued new guidelines for school security. They were trying to anticipate problems and avert disaster.

14. Our German conversation group is made up of six people, three of which I had never met before.

15. Many people believe that the polygraph test is highly reliable if you employ a licensed examiner.

16. Because of Paul Robenson’s outspoken attitude toward fascism, he was labeled a Communist.

17. The squawk of the brass horns nearly overwhelmed us oboe and bassoon players.

18. Ushio, the last rock climber up the wall, tossed Teri and she the remaining pitons and carabineers.

19. The...
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