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INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT -------------------------------------------------

Improving Competitiveness in Organizations
Business Management 3230
Spring Semester 2013
S1: We/Fr 12:45 - 2:05 pm
S2: We/Fr 2:20 – 3:40 PM
Schoenbaum Hall 330

PHONE: 614 292-4605
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays 10 – 11 AM or by appt.


Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains, 10/E: Krajewski, Ritzman & Malhotra, 3 options: 1. Hardbound text (ISBN 9780132807395)
2. Binder-ready text (ISBN 9780132807470)
3. Electronic text (ISBN 9780132807463)

Learning to See: Rother and Shook, The Lean Enterprise Institute, (ISBN 0-9667843-0-8). Book available through the OSU bookstore; must ask an associate for a copy.


Many firms have demonstrated that operations management can be an effective competitive weapon. In conjunction with well-conceived marketing and financial plans, these firms have made major penetrations into markets worldwide. This course is designed to address the key operations issues in service and manufacturing organizations that have strategic as well as tactical implications. The specific objectives include:

1. To understand the role of operations management in the overall business strategy of a firm.

2. To understand the interdependence of the operating system with other key functional areas of a firm.

3. To help managers in all functional areas better control their operational processes.

4. To identify and evaluate the key factors and the interdependence of these factors in the design of effective business and operating systems.

5. To identify and evaluate a range of tools appropriate to analyze and improve the business processes and operating systems of the firm.

6. To understand the application of operations management policies and techniques to service and manufacturing firms.

Week| Day| Date| In Class Topic| Before Class Assignment| Wk1| We| 9-Jan| Course Intro & Overview| |
|  | | Video: What is OM|  |
| Fr| 11-Jan| Using Operations to Compete| Read KRM Ch1, p.1-22.Practice example 1.1| Wk2| We| 16-Jan| Process Strategy | Read KRM Ch 3, p.89-97; p.100-109| |  | | Video: King Soopers|  |

| Fr| 18-Jan| Process Decision Making| Read KRM Supplement A, p.31-35Practice examples A2 . | Wk3| We| 23-Jan| No Class – Martin Luther King Day|  | | Fr| 25-Jan| Capacity Planning| Read KRM Ch 6; p.201-213Practice examples 6.1, 6.2| Wk4| We| 30-Jan| Waiting Lines| Read KRM Supplement B, 225-231Practice examples B1 and B2| | Fr| 1-Feb| Constraint Management| Read KRM Ch 7, p.243-253Practice examples 7.1 7.2 7.3| |  |  | Video: The Goal|  OPERATIONS BLOG DUE|

Wk5| We| 6-Feb| Supply Chain Inventory Management| Read KRM Ch 9, p.307-315Practice examples 9.1 9.2 9.4| | Fr| 8-Feb| Supply Chain Inventory ManagementIn-class Exercise: Puzzle Co| Read KRM Ch 9, p.315-325Practice examples 9.8, 9.10Practice Exercise- Puzzle Co. (Carmen)| Wk6| We| 13-Feb| Supply Chain Inventory Management| Supplement C, p. 348-350Read KRM Ch 9, p.325-329Practice examples 9.16| | | | | |

| Fr| 15-Feb| Supply Chain Design | Read KRM Ch 10, p.359-367, p.369-375Practice examples 10.1 10.2| Wk7| We| 20-Feb| Supply Chain Design | Read KRM Ch 12, p. 411-416, p.417-431Group Case 1 Analysis Due by 4pm via Carmen dropbox| | Fr| 22-Feb| Case 1 in-class discussionMidterm exam review| | Wk8| We| 27-Feb| Midterm Exam|...
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