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leads into making the wrong decision in priorities. The image used in the beginning of the article is a collage of all theTumblr blogs made by one person. The purpose of this image with this article is to show the audience how one blog is not enough to fill one’s free time. The article is more opinion based on how the writer (I) think of people generally having Tumblr blogs, therefore the article is biased based on one person’s perspective. The claim of the article above is that if Tumblr is being used...

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Characteristics of blog

Characteristics of blog For those of you who may not know what a blog is, it’s short for web log. In simple terms it is a piece of software which allows you to write an online diary on a website. Your last entry, called a post, is displayed on the front page, home page, of the site. Significant Characteristics of Today’s Blogs The significance of the blog is that it is dynamic. That is that it can handle be updated and it allows the visitor to communicate through the comment section attached...

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how to creat a blog

How To Create A Blog Select a blog host. A host is a website whose blogging platform you'll use in order to start blogging. With the rise of the internet, dozens of blogging hosts have risen to prominence, many of them easy to use for people who know next to nothing about computers. There are plenty of free hosts in addition to hosts for which you need to pay. Here are a list of just a few: Free blog hosts: Wordpress selva Blogger Posterous Tumblr Blog hosts with fees: GoDaddy ...

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How to Embed for Blog Post

How to Embed PDF or Docs File In Blog Posts File formats like PDF, Docx, PPT etc. are used widely to share documents digitally. In this post we will talk about embedding or attaching such files into a blog post. This method can be used on any blogging platform. Document files like PDF are used to share documents from one person to another but sometimes people needs to implement it in a blog post which can be shared with multiple readers. You can even upload a document file on your host and then...

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The Increasing Popularity Of Blogs

Everyday, blogs are becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is that blogs are easy to use; they can be updated every day. For example, at any time, writing can be posted where ever there is an active internet connection (which is at most places these days). In addition, readers can interact with, and relate to the writer via the blog on a daily basis. This allows for a strong connection to form between the reader and the writer. Also, blogs are becoming more popular because several blogs review...

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Blog Eval (Sexual Assault)

been following a blog called Project Unbreakable. You see about six months ago I became a sexual assault victim advocate and I am nationally registered with the National Organization for Victim Assistance, although I work with military personnel I am certified to work with the civilian population. This essay is not only to evaluate a blog website but to ensure that the brave women who share their stories openly are heard and not silenced. First let’s look at the writer of this blog and when she started...

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Key Components of a Successful Blog

of a Successful Blog After reading many articles on the web about successful blogging, the main components are fairly universal across the board. The main and possibly most important components would be to blog about something that you have a passion for. Yes, you can fake it for a little while, but eventually you will run out of ideas to write about on that topic, and your readers will lose interest. You must also be able to gain trust and become and authority among your blog following readers...

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GENM0703 Blog Instructions S12014

psychological factors involved in physical activity, e.g. motivation. 500-1,000 words (not including reference citations or the reference list - write the word count at the bottom of your blog, above the Reference list). JUST WRITE ONE (hypothetical) BLOG POST. You are to imagine you are an exercise professional writing a blog for fellow exercise professionals about the role of psychology in exercise. I want you to include a case study description/ story describing the journey of someone – you, a hypothetical...

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Comparing and Contrasting Blogs

A web log or blog is defined in Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary as “ a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.” (Merriam-Webster). Blog’s are increasingly popular to many Internet users because of its up to date information and details that cannot be covered on the mainstream media. There are variety of topics on blog, this include topics on sports, business, technology, environmental issues, politics and entertainment...

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The Use of Blogs in Education

The Use of Blogs in Education Roberth Fallas Segura Universidad Latina de Costa Rica The Use of Blogs in Education Nowadays, there are three ways in which blogs can be used in the learning process, such as to keep a journal of your tasks in order to see your improvement in all the subjects, to help with grammar, and as an interactive tool for the students. The main reason for the implementation of blogs in schooling is because our world is entering in a new era where technology is a necessary...

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