Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain

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Four Primary Forecasting Techniques
The primary forecasting techniques that Bronson Methodist Hospital uses varies with the ongoing processes of building, implementing, evaluating and the never-ending improvements that are made in each forecast models that are consistent throughout the organization. Bronson hospital focuses on using forecasting techniques that have data that is readily available, can be performed in house, easy to understand and the forecasting methods are reasonable (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007).

Listed below are the four forecasting methods that are utilized within Bronson Methodist Hospital and will reflect how each of the elements is beneficial to the management of the organization (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007). Economical

One of the most important parts of forecasting for Bronson hospital is the economical aspect especially with the economy struggling and companies attempting to meet the everyday demands of managing their bills (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007).

Bronson tends to focus on managing the provisions that are required for each unit and office by sustaining low costs for the supplies, by eliminating unnecessary waste from the kitchen and units, implementing menus that will stretch further for consumption and taking control of the portions that are served. Another method is keeping the energy costs low by turning off or down unnecessary usage of lights (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007). Technology

Bronson Hospital strives to keep the current software that is available at all times to ensure that all of the computers are working efficiently as well as effectively. IT also maintains the skills for troubleshooting any viruses or complications that may arise with the usage of new software.

This type of forecasting can consist of curve fitting, and s-shaped curves models that entail data for technology that is new and for long range forecasting. Demand
At Bronson hospital there is a constant demand and drive for improvement in all areas within the organization. At the hospital there are incentives for the employees, patients and patients families. One of these incentives is the “Concierge” that will provide various services for everyone such as; delivery of dry cleaning clothes, picking up gifts, getting oil changes and tires fixed, just to name a few. There is also the added benefit of feeling safe when entering and exiting the hospital as there are security guards that ride bikes, motorized bikes and walk continuously across the hospital grounds inside and outside. Seasonal Trend

Bronson measures some of their forecasting by seasonal trends that repeat themselves during a specific time frame. This type of forecasting is where procedures repeat itself over and over again in specific time frames such as a cycle of 12 months or in four quarters.

There really is no set method that outshines another as it totally depends on the situation itself, the economy and the trends that are taking place at that given time. The key to forecasting is to be able to be flexible and adaptable to change at any given time.

Production Plans
The production planning and master production schedules are not implemented at Bronson Methodist Hospital, as they would be in a manufacturing company. However the planning as to how the hospital needs to be managed in terms of the budget is detailed as below (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007).

Bronson Methodist Hospital basic criteria for their production is their vision, values and mission that they aim to implement each and every day through the three C’s which are the clinical excellence, customer and service excellence and the corporate effectiveness. If one of these fails then the other two will fail as well (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007).

Another part of their production plans is what the organization refers to as STEEEP, which is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient & family centered. The organization strives to maintain the...

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