Ops/571 Week 6

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Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Riordian Manufacturing, Inc. Hangzhou, China

June 21, 2012
Motor, Inc.
1000 Last Class
Flint, MI 900012

Dear CEO:
At Riordan, the electric fan division has revised the process for supplying the electric fans. Part of Riordan’s operations planning, Riordan would implement aggregate operations. From Operations Management for Competitive Advantage (2006), “Aggregate operations planning involves translating annual and quarterly business plans into broad labor and output plans for the intermediate term of 6 to 18 months. Its objective is to minimize the cost of resources required to meet demand over that period.” Riordan would start to collect data starting from the beginning of the fiscal year. The data would be collected throughout the months to help determine implementation plans.

Part of the total quality management for the electric fans would be to implement the eight steps to be successful. From The Eight elements of TQM (2012), Riordan would apply, “ethics, integrity, trust, training, teamwork, leadership, recognition, and communication,” within its training and everyday workday routines. The process uses a viewpoint that strengthens the power of performance within planning, management, leadership, and design department. These departments have initiated improvements. By implementing the process to the management and staff, Riordan would have an easy workflow. Riordion Manufacturing looks forward to hearing any opinions and concerns regarding the new development for processing of distributing the electric fans. Thank you for your time in advance,

Best Regard, Learning Team A

Team A will present a proposal package for Riordan Manufacturing Company’s electric fans. This proposition analyzes the importance of the MRP in regard to the fans. In addition, a newly created process design for the production of the electric fans, and a discussion regarding the supply chain that takes advantage of the global prospects that lower labor costs. Last, the team will cover the production forecast for the electric fans along with the implementation plan that will include a design process included within a Gantt chart. MRP for the manufacturing of the Riordan electric fans

Many organizations strive to be competitive. Riordan Manufacturing is one of those companies located in Hangzhou, China. This company creates fan blades, fan housings, and supplier for the electric fan motors. Riordan Manufacturing located in China currently uses raw materials to make the fan blades, housings, and other miscellaneous parts. The departments focus on the cost it takes to create the plastic fans to stay ahead of the competition. A new process design can improve Riordan Manufacturing’s output of its process analysis. New Process Design For Production

The process developer calls for the entire workforce within the operation to be fully involved. Strategically, Riordian can operate most desirably in the terms of cost, competences within the vendors, and inventory, (Whitney, 1988). Creating a new process design for the manufacturing of Riordan electric fans will adjust the cost for the local vendors. When addressing operating costs and inventory it is paramount to reduce the relationship with their Chinese partners. This is true with any business; it is never a smart move to have more employees than required. Riordan Manufacturing experts have the knowledge and capabilities to order the fan motors and blades needed for assembly. Using local outsourcing manufacturing companies for purchasing the fan motors will lower costs with the new process in place. A way to cut developing time is to begin the process of the phase two at the same time phase one is completed. An implicated cycle can make the transition from phase to phase. Riordan’s process currently in use causes concern because of the slow results...

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