Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Employment, Organizational citizenship behavior Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Psychologist Collins Badu Agyemang and Samuel Batchison Offei in December 2013, conducted a research on employee work engagement and organizational commitment; A comparative study of private and public sector organizations in Ghana. A European journal of business and innovation research, vol.1 No.4 pp.20-23. Both authors are members of the faculty of management in the department of business administration at the University Of Professional studies, Accra. According to the authors employee engagement has received a great deal of attention in the last decade in academic circles. But remains new with relatively little academic research conducted on it (Sacks 2006) especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other researchers (such as Schaufell & Bakker, 2004) in their attempt, commonly described engaged employees as individuals who are highly energized and resilient in performing their job; thus put their heart into their jobs with persistence and willingness to invest effort, exhibit strong work involvement along with experiencing feelings of significance, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, pride, excitement and immerse themselves in their work without noticing that time passes. This article also considers employee engagement as having become an overnight sensation in the business consulting world for its statistical relationship with variables such as job involvement, job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and employee commitment (Little & little, 2006) as well as its effect on productivity and profitability (Buckingham & Coffman, 1999). But very little is known about the relationship between employee work engagement and commitment. Little and little (2006) defined organizational commitment as the degree to which an individual identities with an organization and is committed to its goals. Thus whiles employee engagement has to do with an employee loyalty and commitment to his work, organizational commitment refers to an employee’s loyalty and commitment to his...
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