Red Bull Energy Drinks

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Red Bull
Red bull mainly sells energy drinks to the public. They also do sponsors for the contests to promote their brands. It is always said in the advertisements, “Red Bull gives you wings.”

Dietrich Mateschitz is the CEO and founder of the Red Bull. He gets $5 billion per year for Red Bull and is a very successful entrepreneur.

Red Bull’s cans are supplied by Rexam. Rexam is the world’s biggest supplier of beverage cans. Red Bull is packaged in very small size, and so that a large number of cans are sold.

Besides selling energy drinks in the markets, Red Bull also hosts events and sponsors contests in order to promote its brand. Their main market is among athletes, students, night clubbers, etc. Generally, the brand is marketed to ‘opinion leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles’.

According to a Zenith International 2001 survey that, in 2001, it was the UK's third biggest soft drink by value, behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola. In the energy and sport drink sector, estimated to be worth £750mn, it had an 86 per cent brand share by 2000, more than double the combined sales of Lucozade's energy and sports brands.

There are two different types of Red Bull in Shanghai. The normal, golden one sells for 5.5 yuan. The taller and blue one sells for 6.6 yuan. Red Bull can be found in almost all of the supermarkets in Shanghai. We can either buy it at a local area convenient store or a big and high end supermarket.

Coca Cola and Pepsi launched their own energy drinks.
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